5 Reasons Traditional Marketing Must Evolve

science-24560_640Communication technology is transforming the marketplace for virtually every service and product.  An unprecedented amount of information and products are available to consumers via the internet, which shows no sign of slowing down.  In order to keep up with the increasingly digital focus of your customers, your marketing strategies should evolve to harness the power and opportunities of the internet.  This fundamental change in consumer behavior has resulted in a radical change to marketing strategies.  The new style of inbound marketing creates a two-way channel of communication between customers and businesses, as opposed to the one-way advertising strategy of traditional outbound marketing.  This new development in marketing is important to consider for the following reasons:

1. Consumers are changing the way they research and buy products.  As opposed to traditional, outbound marketing strategies in which customers are sought out via print and media advertising, customers are now searching out products and services via search engines, social media and referrals. Using tools like search engine optimization, online purchasing platforms and social media marketing can boost your brand’s presence in the market.

2. Consumers have more control than ever of the information they receive.  Online news and entertainment sources allow more choice and flexibility of media consumption.  Technologies like DVR, along with services like Netflix and Hulu, allow viewers control over the advertisements they view and sometimes the choice to skip advertising completely.  Cold calls, direct mail and media and print advertising are risky investments, as most of these forms of advertisement can be easily avoided by consumers.  Using an inbound marketing strategy will ensure your business is interacting with customers and staying up to date with how they receive and consume information.

3. Social media provides an insight to customer behavior.  More people than ever are active on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, which provides insightful data on consumer trends.  Videos and articles go viral every day, reaching millions of viewers in the matter of minutes.  Understanding how to harness the power of social media sharing can drastically increase your online brand visibility to reach more customers.  More companies than ever are using social media as a marketing strategy with tremendous results.

4. Your online presence is a direct connection with your customers.  Opening an online channel of communication with your customers can improve your customer service reputation and allow you to hear directly and immediately your customers reactions to your service or product.

5. Inbound marketing is more efficient and less costly.  Digital advertising can be more effectively designed and targeted at potential consumers.  On average, inbound marketing is costing businesses 61% less than outbound marketing, in addition to providing better results (source: www.hubspot.com).

Inbound marketing is becoming a widespread strategy for businesses to get ahead in the world of online entertainment, where more and more people are spending their time.  The focus of inbound marketing is less on message-driven advertising campaigns and more on customer loyalty and two-way interaction. Choosing an effective and proven inbound marketing agency will provide you with more access to customers, better market research, more flexibility in marketing approaches and better results per dollar spent.

Jan Beery is President here at KBK Communications, where she leads her team as they help their clients manage inbound and outbound marketing strategies. Prior to founding KBK Communications, Jan spent 25+ years in the Healthcare field, on the Medical Manufacturing side. You can connect with Jan on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus, or read more of her posts on KBK Communications’ blog.

Image courtesy of: Nemo/ Pixabay.com

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