15 Marketing Facts and Figures That Affect BtoB Businesses

We’re seeing and hearing B2B companies opening up their eyes to the value of social media marketing. Why? Because they’ve grown frustrated in trying to reach the decision makers that used to be more approachable. What’s changed?  Potential customers are … Continue reading

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6 Things You Learned in Kindergarten That’ll Help You With Social Media

The knowledge we gain early in life will last us forever. Admit it, you still don’t run around the house with scissors, do you?  You would never dream of it. Likewise, there are rules you learned back in kindergarten that … Continue reading

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3 Best Mobile Apps for Business Productivity

Whether you’re a medical manufacturer or distributor trying to make it, or the administrator of a growing medical practice, your handheld device can enhance your productivity.  Apps from a number of new (and older) companies can make your business work … Continue reading

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5 Savvy Ways to Spend Leftover B2B Budget

It takes a bit of marketing savvy to know how to get the most bang for your B2B marketing bucks.  If you find yourself with a surplus of money just itching to be spent on your B2B budget, here are five ways … Continue reading

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10 Best Twitter Accounts to Learn About Inbound Marketing

If you are looking for new ideas for marketing, Twitter may provide the inspiration you need.  If you’re not already following the right businesses or people, though, you are likely not getting the inspiration you hoped for.  Don’t panic– we’ve … Continue reading

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What is Evergreen Content?

The demand for unique, fresh content can make your website seem like a hungry beast with an insatiable appetite.  The demand for your site to remain relevant, engaging and unique is all part of the ongoing fight to reach a desirable place in Google … Continue reading

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Why Invest in Inbound Marketing For Healthcare Organizations?

Why should organizations in the healthcare industry turn to inbound marketing? Let us think back to the past, when a simple phone call from a telemarketer would do the trick, usually during dinner time.  Communication has evolved; it has erupted into huge … Continue reading

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Healthcare Marketing: 5 Best Blogs To Follow

If you’re a medical manufacturer or distributor—or have a medical practice in any specialty—you want to keep up on the latest issues related to healthcare marketing. These blogs will help you do just that: 1. 33 charts ( “medicine. health. (social) media” - Blogger Bryan Vartabedian, M.D., Assistant … Continue reading

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6 Common Misconceptions About Leads From Your Website

Inbound marketing ensures that your website shares information to attract prospects, along with a capture form for their contact data.  We’ve heard a lot of seemingly great ideas about how to treat those potential clients. Many of them are ill … Continue reading

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What Will Content Marketing Be Like In 100 Years?

Marketing is a field that has to adapt to the never-ending changes of the consumer world.  This is doubly so in content marketing, which has to keep a close eye on the targeted consumer base and make sure the marketing produced … Continue reading

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