Pinterest Just Got Smarter

To explain to you how much I love Pinterest would take as long as it takes me to actually make half the things I pin on Pinterest.  I’m too busy pinning more stuff I will never get to!  Sure, I may never make glow in the dark cotton candy or half the healthy recipes I actually put on there but something about the site is just comfortable.  It makes you want to stay up until 3:00 am planning your wedding you already had. For me, it is my relax and unwind time.  My husband doesn’t quite understand it, but it is a great break from this…

Yes, I took a picture before helping him out and yes, that drumset is played loud and played often!  It’s even better when he and my husband play together, they are quite the band (for about 5 whole minutes). So for me, Pinterest is my “me” time.  I will ignore everyone and I will pin until I cannot pin anymore.  It keeps me sane.

One of my FAVORITE boards happens to be my Fashion board.  Outfits I can never afford to buy, and outfits I will try to buy once my pregnant belly will fit in them.  One day, as I was looking at this extremely cute skirt, I went to pin it and the price came up… $45.00.  My heart almost jumped out of my chest.  Not only did I see something I love become something I could afford, but now Pinterest was putting up prices to products that you can see immediately!  Just when I thought that Pinterest could not get any more amazing.  For example:

With this new feature, Pinterest may become a good network for any business selling products or any service.  I have seen vet clinics post INFOGRAPHs that lead back to their site.  I have seen people put out information that links you back to their blog site.  Even the fashion business has gotten in on it.  Not a bad way to get discovered.  So, for those of you who think the site is just for women, go to, and search for anything.  Movies, books, jokes, cars, tips and tricks, clothes (yes, men’s), anything you can think of, you will usually find.  The original source the pin came from can monitor how many repins it gets and who is repinning.  These could be future customers of yours.  So… what do you think about Pinterest now?

Looking to create an account but not sure how? Reach out to us at KBK Communications and we will get you up and running!

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