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Boosting Your E-Commerce Strategy

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How do you compete when there are so many options online?  In this podcast, President of KBK Communications, Jan Beery, interviews Andy Etemadi with EYEMAGINE.  Join them as they discuss E-commerce, sales and how to compete in a market where there are so many options.  Are you setting yourself apart?  Are you a trusted resource?


Released: 2/8/16 9:48 AM

Social Media for Business in 2016. What to Expect.

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Social Media is a powerful tool. It connects us to the world. It's always there, readily available to access. It never sleeps. 

We have spoken before about the importance of using social media for your business.  Let's now talk about what social media can do for us.  Are the platforms offering anything more than a place our customers can find us? Are they improving the platforms for the user?  What's new in social media?

Released: 1/14/16 2:58 PM

Inbound Marketing in 2016...What's New?

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The new year is so close you can almost taste the bubbly! Every year we try to improve ourselves by making resolutions to eat less and work out more, and we nail that resolution for a solid month and a half. Go us!

With that being said, there are so many things that DO change and improve and we are excited to announce that Inbound Marketing is definitely one of them.


Released: 12/8/15 11:56 AM

LinkedIn and the Power of Prospecting

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LinkedIn can be a powerful tool if used correctly. There were 332 million users as of 1/29/15.  Newsflash : that's a lot of people.  The only problem is, you have to know how to use it. You can't just have a presence. 

Released: 9/2/15 2:50 PM

"Smarketing" with KBK

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Smarketing is the integration of the sales and marketing processes of a business.  The theory behind this integration, is that if sales and marketing were better at communicating with each other and worked together instead of separately, this would result in a better pool of quality leads and customers.


Released: 9/2/15 1:29 PM

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