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    10 Best Twitter Accounts to Learn About Inbound Marketing

    by Nicole Fassl on Mar 17, 2014 6:00:40 AM
    Nicole Fassl

    community-64195_1280If you are looking for new ideas for marketing, Twitter may provide the inspiration you need. If you're not already following the right businesses or people, though, you are likely not getting the inspiration you hoped for. Don't panic-- we've got you covered.

    Here are 10 of the best Twitter accounts to help you learn more about inbound marketing:

    1) @thesaleslion The Sales Lion, Marcus Sheridan - Followers: 12.7k

    "Passionately writing, consulting, and speaking on all things inbound & content marketing, business, & life."

    @thesaleslion regularly shares tips and blogs to give you ideas on how to build your business.


    This links to a blog article titled: "4 Steps To A Winning Business Proposal"

    2) @hubspot - Followers: 372K

    "HubSpot is the world's #1 inbound marketing software platform with over 10,000 customers and everything you need to transform your marketing."

    @hubspot shares files, blogs, articles, and more to increase efficiency, marketing ideas, tech tips, and more.


    3) @moz - Followers: 287K

    "Marketing Analytics Software for Search, Links, Social, and Brand • A Vibrant Online Marketing Community • Resources for Learning Inbound Marketing"

    @moz shares webinars (called 'mozinars') on a variety of marketing related subjects, using social media for marketing, blog ideas, and more.


    4) @dharmesh - Followers: 221K

    "Entrepreneur. Founder/CTO @HubSpot inbound marketing and startup blogger at ." @dharmesh business advice, ideas, and more.


    5) @marketo - Followers: 74.4K

    "Marketing Software. Easy. Powerful. Complete. Marketing automation, social campaigns, inbound marketing, sales apps, ROI reporting - all in one place." @marketo shares marketing ideas and tips, events, content development and more. Example:

    6) @simplymeasured - Followers: 173K

    "Our software helps bring social media analytics to life. Over a dozen data sources in one place. Beautiful reports in Excel, PowerPoint, and on the web" @simplymeasured shares social media tips and ideas for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more.


    7) @eB2B_inbound - Followers: 15K

    "exploreB2B's news stream for inbound marketing." @eB2B_inbound shares blogs, tips, and ideas for marketing.


    8) @kbkcomm - Followers: 4,103

    "Full-service Medical Marketing & Consulting Group. Tweets by Dir. of Mktg Katie Gutwein (@KFas)" @kbkcomm shares thoughts, ideas, blogs and more about marketing.


    9) @jaysondemers - Followers: 11.4K

    "Founder & CEO of AudienceBloom ( ), a Seattle-based content marketing & social marketing agency, writer for Forbes, HuffPo, and more." @jaysondemers shares thoughts and ideas about marketing, including online and offline content, and more.


    10) @jaybaer - Followers: 108K

    "NY Times best selling author, marketing consultant, keynote speaker. President of Convince & Convert ( )" @jaybaer shares ideas, blogs, articles, etc, on marketing, marketing spending, marketing analytics, and more.


    If none of these Top 10 appeal to you, don't hesitate to search Twitter for the content you are looking for. If you're not sure if someone will share content that you can utilize, try following a company or person for a while. Seeing ideas from others may help you to think outside the box and expand your business in ways you never imagined possible!

    Nicole Fassl is our Social Media Manager here at KBK Communications, where she manages our clients’ blogs and social media. You can connect with Nicole (also known by her nickname, Teddi) on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus, or read more of her posts on KBK Communications’ blog. 

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