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    The Best Way to Get Your Message Heard: Be Your Own Voice

    by Rich Beery on Jul 23, 2013 12:36:08 PM

    The names of Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd are indelibly etched in the annals of ventriloquist entertainment history. While Edgar Bergen was not the most mechanically skilled ventriloquist, he was able to give his wooden cohorts real “special” personalities. Mr. Bergen may have moved his lips more than some other of his counterparts, and he never gargled or even drank water while speaking through his dummies. But that didn’t matter, because our attention was focused on Charlie or Mortimer and the personalities they conveyed.

    While these dummies captured our attention, they were, after all, wooden and lifeless without the intelligence, artistry and personality of Mr. Bergen.

    The only “voice” they had was really his.

    So my question to you, dear reader, is this, “Who are the dummies you are trying to speak through?”

    And by this I am in no way intending to besmirch the intelligence of others you may use to get your message out. After all, I am one of them. What I am saying is that, while we as writers and editors may be able to come out with the correct words and phrases to promote your products and services, the passion and personality of the company comes from you.

    You are the one who knows your company best and is best able to express the nuances of how it operates.

    You are the one who is in the best position to really give “life” to what goes out to the public you are trying to reach.

    Here at KBK Communications we have had the good fortune to be able to work with different personalities, with their own special voices. These voices come in a variety of forms, and they each carry their own flavor; but they all infuse the writing with their own special personality which better promotes their company.

    We may not all remember Col. Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken, more of us may remember Dave Thomas of Wendy’s-- they became synonymous with their company.

    They provided the identifiable personality associated with the company.

    No doubt you have others to whom you can delegate the responsibility to write blogs. Some of you may even have marketing departments that can turn out press releases, promotional pieces, articles and even blogs. But they may lack the freedom of expression that comes from you, personally.

    Getting back to Charlie McCarthy and Edgar Bergen, neither Charlie nor Edgar would have had much to say that the world could hear without promoters, producers and a platform or stage to say it on.

    This is where KBK Communications comes in.

    We take what you say and help you get it out to the world. We help you share your voice with others, who want to hear what you have to say (your target personas).

    So, if you want your message to be heard, first of all, say it yourself - or rather - write it yourself; Blog. Then, secondly, use an agency skilled in social media and inbound marketing to get the message out.

    Like what you've read? Click here to subscribe to our blog.Image source: CBS Radio (eBay item photo front photo back) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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