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    How Much Time Should You Dedicate to Blogging?

    by Nicole Fassl on Jan 15, 2014 6:00:41 AM
    Nicole Fassl

    Time for Blogging.pngHow much time should you dedicate to blogging?

    If you’re asking this question, you may be thinking that blogging is just another chore to trudge through. Or maybe you’re wondering whether you can afford to keep that Social Media Consultant. Guess what?


    Time to re-boot your perception of blogging

    Yes, time is a commodity that must be used wisely in today’s business world. With so many tasks to accomplish, priority goes to work that helps you maintain and grow your business. Managing employees, meetings on increasing sales, financial decisions, etc., loom large and blogging can become the low man on the totem pole of your to-do list. But wait…

    Blogging = Marketing

    Time spent blogging is time spent marketing.

    Certainly marketing is a high priority task. Marketing increases your business’ visibility, customers and sales. Your customers are your bread and butter. Time invested to support current clients, gain new clients, and keep them is time worth spending.

    Blog not Blab

    Quality over quantity rules!

    Blog posts must be relevant to your target audience to generate client leads and maintain relationships with current ones. Here’s an example, post a blog about the benefits of your device or service over a similar one offered by a competitor. Now when a potential client searches for that device or service, your blog appears alongside your competitor’s. A potential client is born! Your new lead reads about your product/service and responds in a call to action to fill out your contact form.

    Blog not Blah

    Be the prize winning pig, not the unopened can of spam.

    Again, relevance is key. A blog is not a place to post just anything. All posts should be intelligently considered mini marketing pieces designed to target your specific audience. Don’t waste their time with irrelevant posts about off-topic subjects that don’t improve their image of your organization. Make posts engaging, readable and worthwhile and then watch as your Facebook likes increase and your blog becomes book-marked. A good blog is something your clients will click to open when they see you’ve created a new post. It is far better to post one or two quality blogs per month than 2 or 3 daily posts about the weather and your sushi lunch.

    Blogging as an extension of your corporate mission

    In the medical and healthcare fields, we exist to improve the efficiency, quality and profitability of medical practitioners and institutions so they can in turn improve the lives of their patients. In return, we ourselves profit and our business grows.

    Blogging is another avenue we can offer to improve efficiency, quality and profitability to our clients. By serving up posts that enhance these business properties, we once again prove our worth. Best of all, continued posting of smart, relevant content, positions your company as an industry authority. This keeps your business on the forefront of your clients’ minds so when they need something they’ll automatically turn to you. These days most leads are generated from Internet/Web traffic. If you’re missing this demographic, you’re missing the boat.

    So ask not, “Can I afford the time to blog?” But, “Can I afford not to?”

    Nicole Fassl is a Social Media Manager here at KBK Communications, where she manages our clients' blogs and social media. You can connect with Nicole (also known by her nickname, Teddi) on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus, or read more of her posts on KBK Communications’ blog.

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