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    [eBook] 25 Website Must-Haves for Driving Traffic, Leads & Sales

    by Nicole Fassl on Jul 16, 2014 5:07:01 AM
    Nicole Fassl

    Screen shot 2014-07-15 at 2.29.07 PMIf you are still trying to figure out the magic formula to increase traffic to your website, fear not. 25 Website ‘Must Haves’ For Driving Traffic, Leads & Sales is your online resource to help people find your website, engage customers and lead to more conversions. Here is a quick summary of what this eBook has to offer:

    • Get Found Online: You can discover lesser known tactics used by SEO pros to draw attention to search engines and raise your rankings so you are easily found. Secrets that most people do not know about such as off-page SEO will help you develop the “link juice” search engines love. Inbound links show you know what you are talking about because other websites view you as an authority. The more link juice the higher your ranking. This does not completely dismiss on-page SEO which is good old fashioned use of keywords. However, there is an art to using on-page SEO effectively with attention to details for headlines, sub-heads, content and even image tags. All of these elements work together with your links and appropriate behind the scenes coding to raise your profile as an authority. You can discover the secret of adding these details in hand with XML site maps and 301 redirects so you are a well-rounded SEO expert using the 25 Must Haves tactics.
    • Design and Usability: The look of your site is still important and will often be the first impression people will have of you. You have to maintain a consistency throughout your site and with your branding, and choose the proper images as well as an intuitive navigation system that people will love using. There is also the KISS factor that works well for website design. All the bells and whistles such as flash and animation are overused and over rated. Responsive web design is another must so that people viewing your site will see it without getting frustrated regardless of what device they are using.
    • Content: Content still remains one of the most important aspects of your website, but there is more to it than posting a weekly blog. Inbound marketing has changed the way content is viewed by search engines and visitors begging the question, who do you have to please? Search engines or potential readers? With search engines zoning in more and more on what people want, they are fine tuning their searches with new algorithms. The 25 must-haves will assist you in finding out what you need for content that kills the competition.
    • Conversion: Of course your ultimate goal is to convert people from visitors to customers. You need to tap into the most effective way to use your call to actions throughout your site, as well as offering worthy links that will make your CAT's clickable. You can learn how to position your top of the funnel and middle of the funnel offers on your site strategically so there are enticing offers throughout the site. With a righteous CAT strategy, you can then begin developing valuable and meaningful landing pages to drive visitors to the pages you have developed to capture information using easy to use forms people won't mind filling out. You can also offer a free newsletter in exchange for their information.

    If you are a business owner feeling like a lonely heart waiting for the phone to ring, “25 Website ‘Must Haves’ For Driving Traffic, Leads & Sales” could be your saving grace.

    Nicole Fassl is a Marketing Associate here at KBK Communications, where she manages our clients’ blogs and social media. You can connect with Nicole (also known by her nickname, Teddi) on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus, or read more of her posts on KBK Communications’ blog.


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