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Facing the Unknown: Engaging in Social Media and Inbound Marketing

By Rich Beery, - July 17, 2013

Forty-four years ago this weekend, on July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong stepped out of the Apollo 11 landing craft and announced, “That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.

walking on the moonThe Apollo Mission to put the feet of U.S. citizens on the moon was long, arduous and full of turmoil. The whole idea of going into outer space and actually walking on the surface of some heavenly body was more than just scary. It was frightening, I am sure for the astronauts, certainly for their family members, definitely for the general public and for their support group in Mission Control.

Venturing in to the Unknown

I can imagine that this fear is probably not a whole lot unlike how many business owners feel about venturing into the unknown of marketing on the internet.

And yet, facing fear and venturing into the unknown is what creates success, whether it is walking on the surface of the moon like Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, exploring the Louisiana Purchase for Lewis and Clark or sailing across the Atlantic Ocean like Christopher Columbus.

Surround Yourself With Experts

The critical thing to keep in mind is that none of these men did these things on their own. Columbus had the support of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain and a whole crew of sailors who were not sure of their own future. Lewis and Clark had the support of Thomas Jefferson as well as the fur trapper Charbonneau and his Shoshone wife Sacagawea. Armstrong and Aldrin had the support of the Kennedy and Nixon administrations and most importantly Mission Control located in Houston, Texas.

When it comes to venturing into the unknown areas of marketing, you may not need to have a huge room full of rocket scientists providing support, but you will certainly benefit from having someone on your team who is experienced in marketing and lead generation.

You need to focus on what you do well, whether that is running a medical manufacturing company, a distributorship or providing professional health care services; And you need to be able to rely on others to provide the support needed to be successful in marketing.

Here are a few resources to get you started:

These resources provide a map for a more comfortable excursion into this area of the unknown.

Be sure that the resources you use are up to speed on technology and the tools necessary to manage or support your objectives. If you’d like to do a little more research, we welcome you to explore and learn more. After all, this is your social media and inbound marketing adventure!

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Image source: methodshop.com