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A Look at How KBK Improved Lead Generation and Conversions

By KBK Communications, - August 14, 2019

shutterstock_384657361One of the most seemingly daunting tasks for companies to achieve these days is growing their leads. Time and time again we here at KBK Communications are asked how to improve lead generation in order to increase conversions, and thus achieve more sales. 

A leader in automated external defibrillator (AED) management solutions came to us looking to develop a new pipeline of leads for their sales team. They wanted to use their website to drive new leads to their free trial service but lacked the expertise to bring the plan to life. That is where KBK stepped in. Once our team was officially on board, we performed an initial audit. We found that their website actually comprised multiple sites that were linked to each other. As a result of this, their analytics were inflated, leading the client to believe their results were better than they actually were. What’s more, their web pages were not properly optimized for search. This negatively impacted the success of any digital lead strategy.

By auditing and redesigning their website, the client could now track its actual performance. In combination with a new customized digital strategy, KBK was able to generate: 

  • Leads 
  • Requested free trials
  • New customers

We updated the client’s CRM to include demonstration and free trial opportunities, and finally, we also developed a formalized system for lifecycle management. The agency performed training to help bring the sales team up to speed regarding these new processes.

The progress does not stop there though, looking to the future KBK will continue to optimize the website and implement a whole multimedia approach, including Facebook and other social advertising to open up new channels for lead acquisition. 

If you want to learn more about what KBK Communications was able to achieve for this company click here to access this free case study. 

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