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    Healthcare Digital Marketing in 2022: Trends and Tools You Need To Know

    by KBK Communications on Jan 6, 2022 9:53:09 AM

    Digital transformation is officially trendy. You know digital is important, you know you need to do a bunch of efforts digitally to reach your current and prospective clients, and you want to do it all! But what do you do? How do you keep up? Those are some loaded questions! In short, it depends on your company and role.  In this blog, we want to share some trends we see, what will be important in 2022 and also give you a list of tools that could help your digital marketing efforts.

    Social as part of a strategy

    What does the future hold for social media? What will happen to Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and other popular platforms? Social media is constantly changing. Users are more connected than ever before with apps like Snapchat or Tik Tok that let you send photos or videos that disappear after a few seconds.

    In the healthcare industry, social media is one of the first things that comes to mind when you think of digital marketing, but it is just one component of an overall digital strategy. Many times we see companies posting on social media in a reactive way or because they feel like they have to. You should understand your target audience or persona, goals, and objectives then see which platforms will help you reach them the best. It is easy to go down a rabbit hole with social media because so much time can be spent creating content and the perfect image to go along with it but how is that helping you? What is the ROI?

    We often see marketing departments that are managing many different things at once and usually not having enough time and resources to accomplish everything that they want to. Which makes us ask, is this time well spent?

    Social posting and leveraging social platforms can bring you leads and conversions but make sure it is supporting your overall strategy.

    Organic + Paid = the best success

    Organic efforts work and can grow your business however it is a slower, more long-term approach. We are seeing that the best success is made when organic efforts and paid efforts come together to support each other.

    More and more ad blockers

    Many industry experts agree that traditional advertising will continue to lose success as ad blockers become more popular among consumers. Now, advertisers are looking for new ways to get their message across to consumers. This means that traditional advertising will have to become more targeted, interactive, and immersive in the future so it can stand out from the crowd. We are seeing creative ways to utilize traditional advertising with a digital twist to be able to reach audiences that are otherwise blocked by search engines for various reasons. There's always a new and creative solution with digital ads it's just important to understand changes amongst platforms and quickly react and evolve to maintain momentum and achieve growth

    Video is here to stay

    Your first video is always the us, it gets easier. The power of being able to immediately reach your contacts in a personalized and connected way is exactly what we needed during the last (almost) 2 years of social distancing, with cancelled trade shows, and limited in-person meetings. Using tools like Vidyard is easy to do. You can quickly record, edit, send, and share customized videos with prospects pre- or post- meeting (we have incorporated video into our sales process!), current customers (on-boarding, explainer videos, check-in's, oh my!), and internally while working remotely with a global team (the days of meetings just to explain to someone how to do something are over...lets be more efficient).

    Are you using artificial intelligence? You should be

    Another emerging trend is the use of artificial intelligence (A.I.) . A lot has been written about how chatbots are taking over customer service roles by answering simple questions and handling more requests on their own. But, A.I. can do far more than that!

    Artificial intelligence is poised to transform the way digital marketers approach content creation moving forward in 2022 . Instead of using keywords like they might today, marketers could use natural language processing (NLP) or other tools to create personalized messages for consumers.

    Lead generation is #1

    The days of likes, comments, shares, and website traffic metrics are gone. Everyone wants leads, to utilize data to understand ROI, and to see how many closed deals have been won because of efforts. Traditional business development roles are evolving. We see new tools becoming available that allow you to see unidentified visitors to your website, immediately identifying Linkedin company connections, creating ideal customer profiles based on location, job title, or industry, and feeding that directly to you for follow up. The power of information is endless from there!

    Technology is continuing to evolve

    This might be obvious but it needs to be discussed. You cannot look for a tool in isolation, make an investment, and forget about it. Also, there are so many tools that keeping up can be overwhelming!

    • How you create content is changing. Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more common.
    • How you create imagery is changing. Tools like Canva make it so easy to create images for social media that are sized perfectly for you instead of needing experienced designers to create images in Adobe Creative Cloud.
    • Where are you posting and scheduling out your posts? There are so many tools out there like Hootsuite, Buffer, Later, Sprout Social...just to name a few.
    • How are your social efforts tying into your CRM (customer relationship management) and marketing automation? Platforms like HubSpot allow you to see how your social efforts impact campaigns, drive traffic to your website, and how many leads, conversions, and closed opportunities you've received.

    As you can see, digital marketing is changing and there is so much to watch out for. Digital transformation is here to stay and is constantly evolving. What other changes do you think might come? Have you seen how traditional advertising has evolved? Are you using artificial intelligence for any of your content creation? Is your focus on lead generation? Let us know your thoughts.

    For the latest trends and insights, contact us today!


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