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    How Healthcare Companies Can Use Video Selling in 2021

    by Jan Beery on Jan 5, 2021 11:30:00 AM

    In 2021, Most B2B Sellers will be using Video to connect with their prospects and clients.  

    2020 Is a year that many of us are ready to kick to the curb! Travel plans and conferences canceled and the pivot to and new means of engaging with virtual meetings happened. I even experienced my first telehealth visit, and was thrilled to not have to drive to an office! 

    Prior to Covid-19, digital sales, and marketing for the healthcare industry was ticking uphill at a moderate pace. Telehealth was on the rise, and the need to sell and provide information to the market in a way that the market wants to be served and educated was evolving rapidly. When the industry found itself in a situation where contact with customers was non-existent, that digital gas pedal had to hit the floor fast. 

    We’ve shared how digital transformation is here to stay. How the traditional means of selling and marketing are both ineffective and inefficient. We talked about how It’s been reported that the global virtuality of the healthcare market is now expected to reach $5.1 billion by 2025. 

    With the shift in how we educate, serve, and sell to our customers, the need to humanize that contact is what will drive engagement. Emails alone will flood inboxes and go unopened, leaving sales reps back in the position of frustration with what to do next.

    Enter the use of Video!

    • It was predicted that 82% of all consumer internet traffic will come from video by 2020 and that was before COVID
    • The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text 
    • Employees are 75% more likely to  watch a video than to read documents,  emails, or articles
    • GenZ is ta
    • This 2020 Video Trends Report answers the big questions around video in business with insights, ideas, and recommendations 

    Ask yourself:

    • How do you currently prospect new business?
    • How many calls a week?
    • How many emails a week?
    • How many LinkedIn messages a week?
    • Do you know:
      • What is your email open rate?
      • What is your email click-rate?
      • What is your email response rate?
      • What is your LinkedIn response rate?
      • What is your response to the first call ratio?

    These questions are a good starting point. 

    Below are the results of one company’s sales team experience.


    Video Opportunities are Endless!  

    • Use video to reach your prospects and customers
    • Use video as part of a cadence/sequence
    • Share videos via Linkedin
    • Record and streamline standard videos for sending at scale 
    • Use your mobile (App available on iOS and Android)
    • Use video for workshops or product in-servicing
    • Use video for Bio-Med support and troubleshooting
    • Use video for product review introductions and reasons why

    Most importantly, be yourself! People still do buy from people.

    KBK Communications’ passion has always been to help businesses and people grow strategically, effectively, and smarter. We see the importance of incorporating video support into the everyday lives of our customers. 

    With that in mind, we are excited to share our partnership with Vidyard as a Video Selling and Implementation Certified Agency.  

    Want to learn more about how to use video selling as a key part of your 2021 strategy?

    Connect with KBK and our team will help guide you through how to engage with your customers using video in your digital transformation.

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