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How to Dip Into the Waters of Social Media and Blogging

By Kelley White, Digital Marketing Project Coordinator, - June 25, 2015

When first introduced to social media and blogging, you may wonder where to START!  Trying to understand all the tips and tools in marketing while also trying to be creative can become a little overwhelming.  It is best to start with keeping things simple.

Here are a few basics things to remember when you begin:

  • Get the audience engaged

Find out what your audience is interested in and talk about it.  Focus on information that can teach, inform and educate.  That will make your material worth reading.

  • Content doesn't have to be new, just RELEVANT

Repurpose your content.  Strategize and as long as the information is relevant, use it.

  • Learn from the experts

LISTEN!  Experts all over the internet are sharing the tools and strategies they use.  Soak it in and figure out what works for you!  Hubspot has a great collection of educational resources.

  • Don’t pass up opportunities to educate yourself

There are a multitude of webinars, ebooks and whitepapers available at your fingertips that can help educate you.  There is always something you could be learning.

  • Monitor what social media platform(s) your audience engages in

Know who and where your audience is and which social platforms they favor.

  • Don’t be afraid to be YOU! Show your PERSONALITY!

Are you waiting until your writing has become perfect before pressing, "Publish"? For some of us, that moment we are waiting for may never come.  Something that could be an extraordinary piece, may end up never getting published for fear of what your critics might say or think.  I’m on an infinity trail to my masterpiece but content makes the heart grow fonder, so get it out there! 

My point is...

Blogging and social media marketing can be a dynamic duo when woven together. Whether you're a B2B or B2C company, learn to express yourself.  Show your passion, interests, and knowledge.  Step up to the plate, because we want to hear what you have to say!

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