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    Ideas to Improve Customer Experience in Healthcare Supply Chain

    by KBK Communications on Jun 19, 2019 9:00:00 AM

    shutterstock_518021101Love it or hate it, Amazon has revolutionized the way that companies and consumers interact with each other. As if its standard two-day delivery wasn’t enough, the company now offers free, same-day delivery in certain areas (as of June 2019). That means around-the-clock, 24/7 access to thousands of products at the click of a button.

    While consumer goods and other industries have benefited from on-demand providers for years, healthcare has been slow to enter the fray. But the industry has seen recent developments that are pushing the needle. From remote monitoring services to interactive social media feeds, healthcare providers are beginning to reinvent the way they interact with their consumers.

    Below are examples of how healthcare companies (that aren’t Amazon!) are using digital technologies to provide an exceptional customer experience.



    Telehealth combines digital information and telecommunication, often in the form of video communication. And Mercy Virtual is a prime example of a healthcare company that’s utilizing telehealth technology to its fullest capabilities.

    The goal of Mercy Virtual is to augment healthcare providers with on-demand monitoring. The virtual ICU program delivers easy-to-use devices to the home of patients that enable them to track their vitals. This data is shared with Mercy Virtual, which is able to assess and monitor a patient’s health in real-time. Through digital communications, the company empowers medical suppliers to build relationships with patients who may not be able to make it to an office, only patients that really need it require office visits. Mercy Virtual is also able to see if a patient could be on the brink of illness before the patient knows due to vitals being reporting in real time.


    Data Management

    Midmark unifies the concepts of design and technology to improve patient experiences and complement the clinical space. For example, Midmark RTLS (real-time location system) technology combines automation and data to create a better customer experience. By combining asset tracking management, workflow solutions, and analytics, Midmark leverages data to inform and optimize various stages of the healthcare supply chain.


    Subscription Based Delivery

    PillPack is a digital pharmacy that capitalizes on the convenience of subscription-based delivery services like Blue Apron and Birchbox. The company sorts, packages, and delivers prescription medications and other items—such as creams and inhalers—directly to individual’s doors. Every two weeks, consumers are mailed a personalized roll of pre-sorted medications, along with a recyclable container. PillPack automatically handles all refills, works directly with doctors and insurance companies to resolve any issues, and provides 24/7 pharmacy staff support. Plus, service and shipping is free.


    Social Media Utilization

    Henry Schein, Inc. is a healthcare products and services distributor with a presence in more than 30 countries. The company has a strong social media presence and utilizes it to help showcase the brand’s essence and capabilities. Below are just a few examples and their benefits:

    • Employee spotlight posts shed light on staff members, which helps humanize the brand.
    • Live streaming series called #ScheinChats highlight specific programs, employees, and causes.
    • Event summary videos provide a summary of an entire conference in one minute, which provides customers and prospects with insight into topical events.
    • Seasonal posts cover and celebrate causes as varied as International Women’s Day and World Oral Health Day.
    • The CEO of Schein, Stanley M Bergman, is also very active on social, which makes him accessible to his customers, employees and vendors.


    Engaging Video Content

    Leave it to one of the world’s most profitable companies to have a robust social media presence. Despite its ubiquity, Johnson & Johnson does a fantastic job of humanizing itself online. Through interactive video content and branded original content, the manufacturing company is consistent and engaging with its social media efforts. Patient success stories are a way to highlight real customers. Quick, thirty-second video clips are a way to keep users engaged. And employee spotlights put a face to a name.

    Interested in learning more about improving the customer experience in the healthcare supply chain? Download our FREE resource.

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