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    Importance of Social Media in Business: 5 Reasons to Engage

    by Jan Beery on Oct 26, 2011 6:56:44 AM

    Door OpeningWe recently returned from HIDA Conference & Expo 2011. It was a great meeting with a lot of people I’ve known for many years, and a lot of new connections. It's always a good time, and always a source of new stories :).

    KBK presented 6 breakout sessions on 5 Ways to Use Social Media to Increase Sales. Our own Katie Gutwein did a great job of educating the attendees. We heard responses from a number of sales people who were so against engaging. You would expect that I’d say that the average person against the idea was older. While we did have that, we also had a lot of younger sales people against engaging.

    That being said, there were many business leaders in our sessions, who tuned in to listen and wanted to learn more. They recognize that this isn’t going away.

    Excuses ran the gamut:

      • I don’t have time
      • My customers are too busy to go online
      • I don’t know how to do THAT
      • Where will I fit this into my day?
      • My company doesn’t allow social media
      • What’s a blog and why would anyone read one?

    Following are five reasons you need social media.

      1. If you want to be relevant in the near future, Understand that over 80% of the population is seeking information on line.
      1. If you want your customer to understand your product or service, check out EnVoy Medical’s use of Social Media.
      1. If you think Social Media doesn’t work, check out Gini Dietrich’s take on Six Reasons Social Media Doesn't Work, and you’ll get a clearer understanding.
      1. If you want to connect with health care professionals, and understand that 90% of physicians are engaged on social media, as of August of 2011. That’s up from 40% as reported in January 2010.
    1. If you want to connect with health care professionals where they are at. See how a rehab hospital is using social media for patients.

    What would you add to the list?

    image courtesy of Ben Zvan

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