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    Inbound 2015: Attendee Tips

    by Nicole Fassl on Jul 15, 2015 10:00:09 AM
    Nicole Fassl

    Inbound 2015 is almost here, and the anticipation is killing me! Inbound lovers will gather together September 8-11th at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in Boston, MA.  Last year was beyond amazing.  The Twitter class was so educational and I walked away having learned so much.  Dan Zarrella, Social Media Scientist, don’t even get me started.  To say that he is my idol, would be an understatement.  Although I am not looking forward to the plane ride, I cannot wait to attend this year to see what’s in store.

    Last year I was a rookie to the conference.  I wore heels and my feet hated me for about four days after the event.  We were at a nice hotel but we had to take a shuttle to the conference, so I wasn’t prepared for the early morning wake ups and my roommates weren’t prepared to be around me that early, without coffee (sorry guys).

    So I thought I might offer some helpful tips for #INBOUND15 for all you “rookies”.  If you aren’t a rookie, feel free to add your own tips in the comments, below.

    Tip #1:  Wear your ugly shoes, they are probably the most comfortable and from all the running to classes and walking around Boston you will be doing, you’re gonna need them.

    Tip #2:  Bring snacks.  No one likes you “hangry” and if you are so hungry that all you are thinking about is your next meal, you won’t be able to absorb all the education they are serving...I mean offering.

    Tip #3:  Be ready to rise and shine.  It pains me to say that as an anti-morning person, but if you don’t, you might miss your shuttle and Inbound.

    Tip #4:  Don’t be too ready to hit the hay.  You are going to be so tired at the end of the day...BUT, you will miss networking opportunities.

    Tip #5:  Charge your electronics before your class.  Last year, there was a certain electric outlet hog in the class I was in.  My guess was, she had a little too much fun the night before and didn’t charge a thing, can’t blame her.  Or, better yet, get a portable charger.

    Tip #6:  Watch your “swag.”  My boss lost her whole bag last year.  She gave us a sad puppy look everytime we were displaying ours...guilt trip!

    Tip #7:  Move that fannie!  Move like you would move if you had to switch flights at O’Hare airport in Chicago once your class ends, so that you make it before the class fills up.

    Tip #8:  Find your favorite speakers on Twitter.  Reach out to them and let them know you loved their class.

    Tip #9:  Try and avoid going to the restroom between classes.  Again, you will probably lose a seat in the class you want.  Not to mention that line...the struggle is real.

    Tip #10:  Have a blast.  Explore the area when the day is ending.  There is great food, great drinks and awesome people.

    Inbound is an awesome event to say the least.  It showed me that I am not the only one that truly believes in the power of Inbound Marketing, there are a ton of other people using this technique because it works.  If you are attending Inbound 2015, you are going to love it!  See you there! #INBOUND15!

    At KBK Communications, we are all Inbound Marketing Certified through Hubspot and proud, exclusive, users of the Hubspot Inbound Marketing software!

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