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    Increase Blog Traffic with these Eight Simple Steps

    by Nicole Fassl on Jun 17, 2014 5:58:35 AM
    Nicole Fassl

    medium_5053496835If you are disappointed in the number of people who are reading your blog, there are a number of "ingredients" missing that are commonly found on popular blog sites. It is no longer enough to simply prepare a piece of information. Visitors want to be engaged, entertained and informed, and with fierce competition fighting for attention, it is very easy to lose even your most devout followers to the blogs that are using all the right bells and whistles. Here are eight steps to increase traffic:

    1. Diversify Your Content: Don't just stick to the same old five paragraphs of hum drum information. Instead diversify and look at adding videos or colorful infographics that people will be more likely to share. A big part of being a successful blogger is to make sure people think you are interesting enough to recommend to others. If you use unique content that goes beyond just words you will create more of a stir and encourage people to spread the word that you are worth looking into. You then have to work in hand with social media so your blog posts are noted in an up to date fashion and you will provide your readers and followers with the tools they need to like you and share your links.
    2. Join Some Communities: You know your audience, so start following them around. Join some groups be it on LinkedIn, Google or Facebook and make sure you are paying attention to what people have to say. You can then pipe up and add links to your blog to let people see you as a thought leader in your industry. Just make sure the information you are sharing is relevant so you don't disappoint.
    3. SEO (Of course): Hate to state the obvious, but SEO is a must if you want people to find you. Either work with an SEO company or use the free Google tools that will help you do your keyword and key phrase research to draw attention to those search engines.
    4. Reference Work: You can use links to other blogs you have written that allow readers to learn more easily. You can also use links to worthwhile information to make their learning easier even if they are to other sites. Google likes to see you are knowledgeable and helpful and by having links that increase the value of your content, readers will appreciate it and Google will trust you.
    5. Guest Blogs: Offer to write blog posts for other sites to get your name out there. As well approach industry specialists and thought leaders and see if they would be interested in providing blog posts for you. Again, this sets you up as an industry expert and shows you know who is up on the latest information that will provide value to your readers.
    6. Get Creative: Just like adding some infographics and videos can help keep your site diverse, getting creative with your layout and the images you use will keep your blog interesting for readers. Think of using humorous or retro shots to make a point or images that will compel. It really depends on your audience, but you want to provide an easy to navigate site that is intriguing and worth exploring.
    7. Have a Say: Look for the most thought provoking posts in your industry and come up with interesting, relevant comments with links back to your own blog. Be supportive and say things like "What a great blog. It got me thinking .... and you can read more about that information here..." Nothing is worse than trying to make the other blogger look bad, so positive and supportive is the way to go.
    8. Stay Current: Make sure you are remaining up to date on the latest trends and discoveries in your market so you can be one of the first to comment on it, explain it or introduce it to your audience.

    You can begin to regain lost readers as well as find a whole new audience by upping the ante on not only your content, but how you choose to present your content to your readers. These eight steps will help create a buzz about your blog and help increase traffic.

    Nicole Fassl is a Marketing Associate here at KBK Communications, where she manages our clients’ blogs and social media. You can connect with Nicole (also known by her nickname, Teddi) on Twitter, LinkedIn, andGoogle Plus, or read more of her posts on KBK Communications’ blog.

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