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    Is Your Company A Trusted Resource?

    by Jan Beery on Oct 21, 2013 4:55:06 AM

    If you think there’s limited to no value in positioning your organization as a trusted resource, this tweet from Dr. Howard Luks may change your mind.

    I met Dr. Howard Luks several years ago, via what else, social media. He has also guest blogged on KBK’s site. He has built his positioning as a trusted resource for quite sometime. With an impressive Twitter following of 12,636, Dr. Luks is respected by medical institutions, patients, clinicians, and manufacturers.

    How did this happen with a guy from Hawthorne, New York? It all started with a video blog. What he found was, he had a lot to offer in educating his target patient base.

    Howard shares information that is of such value, that 17% of his patients a week, are a direct result of research conducted online. Pretty impressive, right? That’s the power of positioning yourself and your company as a trusted resource.

    What should you do to position your product/brand as a trusted resource?

      • What problem does your product or service solve?

      • What research have you conducted that will help your target market?

      • What product or service comparisons will help avoid problems for your customers?

    • Share Relevant Content

      • Make your content lovable.

      • Drive traffic to your website

      • Offer solutions to problems with relevant lists, resources, studies, and calculators.

    • Engage your entire team; they are on social media.

      • Everyone is a brand advocate. Encourage your team to share your content.

      • Sales can share an experience with a customer.

      • Customer service can share how they helped solve a problem.

      • Manufacturing knows what sets your product apart.

    I know it’s a bit daunting to tackle a whole new area for business growth. The good news is, you have more opportunities for growing your business than ever before.

    The better news is, there are professionals who know how to make it happen for you.

    I wouldn’t try to manufacture a product on my own; I’d go to a manufacturer that knew what they’re doing. Much the same way, Inbound Marketing programs are successfully run by a qualified team for good reason. That qualified team is much more cost effective and produces measurable, lucrative results, in a strategically planned timeframe.

    What’s stopping you from becoming that trusted resource? If you have concerns, ask questions. Your business brand is worth it.

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