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    Keep Calm #INBOUND17 Is Underway

    by Kelley White on Sep 22, 2017 6:30:00 PM
    Kelley White

    Inbound_is_underway.pngWith the weekend closing in, we know that means one thing. Pack your bags because Inbound 2017 is around the corner!!! Inbound is a place for those of us fascinated with inbound marketing to gather once a year for educational sessions, keynote speakers, inspiration, and networking. Every year the number of attendees increases, this year the crowd is expected to exceed 19,000+ at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in Boston, MA from September 25th-28th.

    Those of us that have attended Inbound know it is a phenomenal experience for both marketers and business owners. Not only every year have I left Inbound exhausted, I’ve also taken back so many helpful tactics that I was able to implement into our own business. This event is completely worth the trip. Here is some insight for those of you who have never been and a refresh for those of you who have. First, before I get started, if you’re going and haven’t downloaded your #INBOUND17 App, do so now. You will be glad you did!

    What is INBOUND?

    Inspiration and Education

    Everyday there are sessions jam-packed with information to help improve your marketing strategies and sharpen your skill set. I've walked away with a plethora of ideas, a better understanding of the capabilities of the marketing tools I use, and creative campaign ideas inspired all from Inbound.

    Variety Pack of Keynote Speakers

    I mean variety when I say it. From the Former First Lady of the United States, to CEO's, Best Selling Authors and Actors.

    I’ll start by mentioning Brene Brown, Best-Selling Author and opening Keynote. I was fortunate enough to see her once before in 2015 and she will be back this year. If you haven’t  had a chance to see her in person, be sure not to miss it. You will quickly fall in love with her witty personality and deep connecting stories that will be sure to touch your heart.

    Peg_Fitzpatrick.jpgPeg Fitzpatrick, Author, speaker, and social media marketing pro will be attending once again this year. A Queen of visual marketing, who understands that along with great and informative content marketing, we need a visually appealing relative image. If you were unable to register for her class you can always check out her blog.

    Although the speakers are entertaining to say the least, I’m not sure they all know why they are there. Like the time Aziz Ansari said “I’m taking a break from Twitter, who uses that”. We’ll let it slide, Aziz, because you're so funny and we hope you were joking. (He was joking right?) I mean that’s why we're all here. To “Fuel the Movement" of Inbound. A huge part of Inbound is social media! Who better to get your name out there than YOU?

    Guess Aziz couldn’t stay away.


    There are so many more speakers that I want to mention but this blog would soon turn into a short novel.

    HubSpot Sneak Peak Upgrades

    At Inbound every year, HubSpot introduces innovative features that they’ve added to improve their marketing software. Until they officially announce these releases, I have to keep it on the down low.

    SHHH!!!! Perks of being a HubSpot Partner! For me to know and for you to soon find out, promise!

    A Little Advice

    First, if you're worried about what to wear, don’t be. Express your style how you choose. The wardrobe is as much a variety as the keynote speakers. Business suits to sneakers and a tee and all that’s between. If there is any advice I can give you as a Veteran Inbound Attendee, pack your comfy shoes. Ladies, I’m mainly talking to you! You know that really cute pair of wedges that are pretty comfy? Pretty comfy will get you a blister larger than a quarter on the bottom of your foot. I have proof, which NO ONE wants to see.

    Remember, you will be dashing from class to class, not to mention walking around the city of Boston. My recommendation? Flats all the way, all day. Second thought, pack the heels, you might want to wear them to Cocktail Hour.

    Second, I hope you have already registered for your sessions. Have any classes that are back to back, opposite sides or on different floors? In this case, it’s a sprint not a marathon. Get to your classes on time. The classes fill up fast and you will be stuck in the hallway if the class is at max capacity. If you happen to get stuck in the hallway or even if you don't, take advantage of the charging stations and the kiosk booths. It's nice to come back with new marketing tools to use and explore and a couple free T-shirts, too. Gotta love swag!

    Inbound1.jpgBe sure to set aside time to for lunch between classes. Check out the load of food trucks out on Lawn D. My goal is to expand my palette and not eat the same thing everyday. Unless it’s the shortest line, that will be the deciding factor. Don’t forget to take some selfies on the swings and while you're beating around the INBOUND bush!

    I hope this helped while your planning your trip to Inbound. Keep an eye out for my next post where I  unveil the new releases and share with you my experience of this year’s 2017 Inbound. Until then, I have bags to pack and rest to catch. And let me just say, I’m going to see Michelle Obama, John Cena, and Andy Cohen next week!

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