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    Keeping the Social in Social Media

    by Kristin Kennedy on Jul 12, 2018 4:06:52 PM

    shutterstock_234372745Everyone knows the horrible feeling of an unanswered message or ignored comment. Whether it is an urgent question, a complaint, or the perfect corny pun (with accompanying GIF to really drive it home). An unanswered message or comment leaves you feeling ignored and unimportant. This feeling is oftentimes overlooked by brands when developing a social media strategy. I mean, it is called SOCIAL media for a reason is it not?

    Why Is Engagement Important?

    Social Media Today sums up the importance of social media engagement perfectly.

    “The power of engagement cannot be understated as a means of strengthening relationships and trust in your brand, and social media is the best platform to facilitate this. It's immediate, it's accessible - it's where your audience is already at.”

    Driving Engagement Through Interaction

    There are several ways to interact with your customers that goes beyond just good content, which is, of course, the first step and very important. Here are a couple ideas to get the conversations flowing:

    Create Like vs. Share or Reaction Poll Posts- 

    • People love to voice their opinions and these types of posts allow them to do just that. A word of advice would be to keep the question light and avoid any potentially controversial topics then have customers share their viewpoint via liking vs. sharing or using a reaction.

    Throwback/ Remember When Posts-  

    • Ah nostalgia, it brings everyone together, just ask the movie industry. Close the post by asking followers to share similar experiences/pictures or even simply asking if they remember it.

    “Caption This” Posts-  

    • Allowing users to get creative and add a caption to a funny photo you posted is a great way to engage users. Adding a social shout out or small prize to the best caption will really get the ball rolling.

    Going Live- 

    • Video is where it’s at on social. Going live allows you to interact with your customers in real time. With tools like Facebook Live people can see the face behind the profile, have their questions answered personally, and feel like part of an event, not just watching it.

    Just Respond-  

    • It’s as simple as that folks. Everyone likes to feel acknowledged, simply liking or responding with a witty joke or heartfelt thank you will really show your followers that you are paying attention and that there is a person behind the screen.

    Response Rates

    Speaking of responding, the time it takes you to respond will factor in significantly to the social aspect of your social media strategy.

    Research from Lithium Technologies found that 78% of people who complain to a brand over Twitter expect a response within one hour. What happens if they don’t get that quick response, well...the results are as you’d expect, not so good.

    • 29% of respondents would tell their friends and family about the experience.
    • 26% would escalate their concern through other sources of communication.
    • 24% would consider buying less from that company in the future.
    • 21% wouldn’t recommend the company’s products/services.
    • 15% would complain about (or shame) the company/brand on social media.

    Facebook has a similar story. One beneficial function on Facebook for businesses is the option to display your business's response time which will assure users their questions will be answered in a timely manner. If you want to learn more about it, KBK’s social media manager wrote a blog explaining the time badge.

    Building your social media strategy is tough, KBK Communications can help. To learn how KBK Communications can help your company reach its digital and social goals, contact us here or call us at 815-464-8565.

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