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    Lead Generation: How To Nurture Leads With Business Blogs

    by Jan Beery on Jul 16, 2013 12:20:44 PM

    generating leads from blogsHow comfortable are you when interacting with your prospects? I’ve attended many executive conferences, in my career. What I love about these meetings is the interaction with business leaders, the collaboration over industry issues, and being able to network with prospects and customers. It’s always a more relaxed setting: you have your targeted meetings set up, but we all socialize and get to know each other a little better. I always leave feeling a little smarter, more familiar with challenges my industry is facing, and a keen understanding of how my business can address some of those challenges.

    There’s a lot of confusion in the healthcare industry about how to drive more leads. What is a blog anyway? How and where should we begin? What does a blog have to do with our goals for growth?

    A business blog is one of the most important parts of your strategy for growth.

    We feel so strongly about it, that we blog quite a bit, here at KBK. I know, I know, you don’t have the time, right?

    What if I told you that blogging was going to drive leads and grow your business? Do you have time now? What if I told you that 61% of internet users, globally, research products online?

    HubSpot shared a recent post about clever ways to nurture leads with your business blog. The author, Pamela Vaughan, talked about how a blog is a natural means for search engines to discover you. This is how you attract new prospects to your website. Blogging will also help drive those prospects and convert them into customers. Why? Because you’re providing valuable information, not self-promotional...information that educates and gains credibility. That credibility will translate into qualified leads. I’m going to elaborate on what Pamela started.....

    Where Do You Develop Ideas For Those Blogs?

    • Your Topic and Content Ideas Resides Within You.

    • You’ve got a lot of experience at various levels in your organization. Talk about it.

    • Make a list of your experiences. These become your topics.
      • Examples: Leading organizations through industry changes; Managing production in the medical industry and containing costs, the challenges facing the industry.
    • Blog Topics can be sourced from your sales teams.

    Pamela talks about having a designated place for your sales teams to contribute topics, share scenarios and experiences that can be used for topics to discuss. Maybe it’s a shared Google Drive folder just for the reps, and marketing accesses this for content. Maybe it’s a contest, internally, for the most viewed post that month, based on submissions from the field. Be creative. Now you’ve engaged your whole organization in the process of building the brand and driving leads.

    Smarketing (Sales + Marketing)

    We Developed an Internal Sales Rep Landing Page, for our clients. You can do this too. On the internal page, your reps will see the top blogs for the week, any resources they can use as sales tools, templates for emails to copy and paste (with link to blogs) to send to prospects and customers, and links to share blogs and resources via social media. Now you’ve taken the value of your blogs and are positioning them as vital sales tools.

    Send Blogs To Your Leads

    You’ve got an internal list of leads in your database. Send them out! Don’t rely strictly on your sales teams to share. Time to engage the unengaged leads! This is where you’re sharing information, it’s a low commitment type of communication, that invite them in. This is where we have workflows developed to nurture the prospect through the funnel to become a qualified lead.

    It’s Great To Share Information

    It’s also vitally important to remember that you also are selling a product or service, right? Make sure you are intertwining your business in your blogs. Avoid that self promotional approach, and you’ll stay on track of keeping your business top of mind.

    Writing Blogs With a Middle of the Funnel Approach

    Now that your prospects have been coming back for more info, it’s time to invite them to access a free resource like, 20 Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2013 and Beyond. You’re promoting your product within the content of your blog, without being salesy.

    Remember Social Media’s Role In Promoting Your Blog

    Social media is a tool in your tool box to help in promoting your blog, and interacting with prospects. It is another touch point for lead generation. Make sure you're promoting your social media accounts for readers to follow. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn..... Are these buttons visible on your blog? You want to be sure you’re reaching every possible touch point in driving leads to your business.

    What other ways would you suggest, to use your blog in lead nurturing?

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    Image source: cambodia4kidsorg on Flickr


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