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Organization is Key in Social Media and Marketing

By Nicole Fassl, - June 20, 2013

I would consider myself pretty OCD. I love organizing things and cleaning. Granted, it is not easy to be organized when you have a toddler/monkey, while expecting another! I can be folding laundry, and he throws it on the ground. I put away the dishes, and he clears out the cabinets. Oh toddlers...gotta love 'em! Bye bye, cleanliness. See you in about 20 years.

Get it together.

When it comes to my job as a marketing assistant, if I’m not buttoned up, that's where issues can occur. It is said that distractions are the number one roadblock when working from home. I couldn’t agree more. To not be organized is a stressor, and when you are stressed how can you work at your best? You can’t. I have to have everything together, in order and accessible. That is how I can stay on top of what I am doing and come out looking like a rockstar.

Tools to Stay Organized

It is not just the ‘stuff’ in my life that has to be organized, it’s also my work with social media and communication internally and with our clients. Am I sending out the right stuff on the right client’s Facebook page? When it comes to blogs, am I using the right CTA pertaining to the subject of the blog? We have come up with a pretty good system that I have mentioned before, to help us stay organized.

Some of the tools we use are:

All of these tools have become essential to our business and how it runs. I even use my own, personal hard copy calendars to keep track of what is coming up and what I have already taken care of, for each client we have. That is right...old school pen and paper.

We all work in different ways. That is just how people are made. It doesn’t matter what your system is, it only matters that it is organized and you stay on top of it.

Now it's your turn: what do you use to stay organized? Share in the comments, below!

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