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    Pinterest News: Quick Update

    by Nicole Fassl on Jul 17, 2015 12:34:56 PM
    Nicole Fassl

    Oh Pinterest, how I hate to love you. You just keep getting better and better. Starting out, we could only create boards of pins we wanted to create, fashion ideas that we could add to our Fashion board in hopes of finding the same outfit at the store.  Now they have eliminated the middleman. Just announced, Pinterest is now rolling out buyable pins. Sorry people, but s*** just got real!  What an amazing marketing idea!

    It’s like an image-based Amazon.  With the Pinterest Buyable Pins, they provide a “Buy It” button displaying the product’s price in blue.  You can even compare your color choices right from the pin itself (OMG).  Right now the Pins are only being utilized by a limited number of major brands, but small businesses can take part immediately as long as they have a Shopify store or Demandware software.

    This is probably a little more exciting for the ladies, but it doesn’t mean your business shouldn’t take part, especially if you’re an eCommerce company.  At the same time, eCommerce companies may only be a starting point for this feature.  There are already medical manufacturers dipping their toes into the Pinterest community and they may already be considering taking the plunge into this awesome opportunity.  Check out a couple that are already getting their foot in the door:

    Right now this feature is only available for iPhone and iPads, so if you are an Apple lover, this is going to make you extra excited.  But don’t fret Androiders and Desktop users, it’s in the works for you as well!

    Images AND an option to buy may be the next best thing since sliced bread.  At this rate, I can only imagine where Pinterest will be in the future.  Stay tuned for more social updates from KBK!  You can also follow KBK on Pinterest!  Happy Pinning!

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