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    Sales Managers, Help Your Salespeople Sell Effectively!

    by Jan Beery on Mar 18, 2016 4:18:06 PM

    11150228_10205479263293556_5965081882447236920_n.jpgWe’ve talked about this over and over. Salespeople, please stop sending spammy email!

    We still hear about the push for sales reps to send those dreaded emails that are not only awkward, their ineffective!  So when my friend Pete Caputa, never one to mince words, published a direct hit to this topic, addressing sales management, I had to pipe in!  Thank you Pete, for your candor.

    Here’s the reality.  If sales leadership understands the power of relationship building, and the effectiveness of sending personalized email vs. spam laden communication, that will undoubtedly get trashed into the spam file, their team will deliver results.

    The easy way to communicate, seems simple in your mind, and maybe even when it comes out of your mouth when you instruct your team to send them.  Your team then sends out emails to the masses, as instructed, and don’t ever actually have to experience the rejection.  It’ll just happen, and they’ll never feel the pain.  The results, however, are that you’re in the exact same place as you were when you started the process.

    The definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

    We’ve now gone from the massive amount of cold calls, (albeit a lot of our industry still does this) to a massive amount of spammy emails.  No personalization, no relationship building, just a blast expecting different results each time.

    If you know this isn’t working, why are you going to hammer your sales team to communicate the same way?  Why are you demanding that they drop off the same brochures, with a different look and feel, cold call, and send these ineffective emails?

    You want your team to be successful?  Help them to not only be relevant, but also effective. Provide the tools, and lead by example!  Pete shared some great resources in his examples of Sales email templates.  We’ve done this for reps in the past in helping to share relevant information.  It works!

    In the medical industry, clearly here we can customize these to fit the needs of your target personas, but please start out with the idea of building the relationship.  What do you have to offer that doesn’t cost them anything?  Share it!  Connect!

    The goal is, for your team to network the way we all network, communicating when and how we want to be communicated with.  Remember, by the time the buying decision is made, 80% of the process is complete.  Help your team to be that resource while the research is happening.

    It can be intimidating and the fear of failure, as a leader is real.  Just imagine a sales team sharing relevant information with their prospects and customers, building relationships, and being considered a trusted resource.  Now you’ve got an effective sales team.  You are helping your sales teams network and build relationships the way we all do naturally.  Now, you’ll find that your selling cycle will not only shorten, your effectiveness as a sales manager will gain a reputation as a results driven leader, and your numbers will reflect it.


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