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    Supporting the Healthcare Supply Chain With Digital Resources and Tips

    by Eryn Marx on Jun 3, 2020 10:15:00 AM
    Eryn Marx

    digital resources and tipsNever worked from home before? Is it the first time you are managing a team remotely? Do you know what tools you are using to help facilitate your role? Are you in sales and utilizing all the features of LinkedIn? Are you familiar with digital transformation models? These are questions we ask individuals in the healthcare industry every day. 

    From manufacturers of products to healthcare workers on the front lines and everyone in between, life has been overwhelming. We recently had the chance to partner with Professional Women in Healthcare (PWH) on a two-part resource forum webinar series to help provide you support during this time of rapid change and transition.

    Here are some key takeaways:


    Part 1 Webinar: 

    • Prior to Covid-19, Buffer came out with this study regarding working from home. The biggest struggles for working from home include collaboration and communication, loneliness, not being able to unplug, and distractions at home.  Summary of this information: you are not alone.
    • When managing your team remotely, set expectations. Make sure you are on the same page and moving in the same direction. What is essential right now/this week?
    • Use tools to make your life easier, we review tools for project management, collaboration, video conferencing, informal communication, document sharing, CRM, video training, document signing, and more. Research what makes sense for your role, department and the company then implement it!
    • The changing role of the salesperson is to guide and help, customers buy when and how they want to. Evolve and support where you can.
    • Make sure your website is an extension of your selling efforts - what does it say and how is it helping you?

    Part 2 Webinar: 

      • Right now, more than ever LinkedIn is a tool to connect with customers and reach prospects. You can still build relationships and grow your business while we are unable to meet face to face. Use LinkedIn to stay connected.
      • If you aren’t an avid user of LinkedIn, First get your house in order - how does your LinkedIn profile look right now? How frequently do you log in? How are you engaging? Some of these may be obvious to you, but you’ll be surprised how many blank profile pictures we run into on LinkedIn.
      • People can find you on LinkedIn only if you’re their 1st–, 2nd–, or 3rd–level connections OR if you belong to the same group. You can significantly expand the size of your reach by joining targeted groups your ideal customers are members of. This is one of the fastest and most effective ways to expand your LinkedIn network – but make sure to join the right groups.
      • Invest in a Premium LinkedIn account if you are in a sales position or looking to do more extensive networking. 
      • Digital transformation is now. This is where you want to look at your long term strategies and how you approach your business. Whatever role you are in from top to the bottom, bottom to the top. If you are a healthcare company from distributor to the manufacturer to the service provider you are impacted. These three digital transformation models can help you assess where you are at today and help you develop and strategy to get to the next level: 
      • IDC: Digital Transformation Maturity Model
      • BCG: Digital Maturity Model
      • Smart Insights: Digital Marketing Lifecycle Maturity Model

    We are pleased and proud to support our industry’s desire and the necessity to support a digital opportunity/transformation to reach their customers. If you are interested in watching both webinars, they are now available on-demand! Click here to listen in to part one or part two. Contact us for answers to questions you have about the role of digital marketing in healthcare. As always, we are here to help.

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