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    Sales & Marketing Tool for Healthcare Manufacturers with Small Budgets

    by Rebecca Gecan on Mar 14, 2017 10:00:00 AM
    Rebecca Gecan

    Sales_Marketing_Tools.jpgSmall to medium healthcare manufacturers tend to have two clear challenges. Small (or no) sales and marketing teams and tiny budgets. These challenges bring with them two ultimate questions;

    1. Where do I get the most bang for my buck?
    2. Where should my team spend their time to grow sales?

    Not having the same resources as the big players with big pockets, how do I get noticed, stay noticed and grow sales?

    The answer to both: Your Website

    Over 86% of small to medium businesses said their website was their number one digital tool to drive sales and increase brand awareness. (Not far behind were Social Media 77.3% and Email Marketing 65.8%). When asked what was the most effective; same tools, same order.

    Why are websites so important for SMB healthcare manufacturers? According to a Google research study from 2013, over 50% of Hospital Administrators seek online resources to research products and services. The internet levels the playing field. It doesn’t take a huge budget to have an effective presence online. If done right, your website becomes an extension of your sales team and a lead generator.

    What can you expect to spend on your digital marketing budget? According to Entrepreneur, $75,000 annually or around 35% of your budget. And this budget estimate continues to grow year over year. Included in this spend are email marketing, social media, display ads, mobile, content creation, search engine optimization, video and other digital marketing tactics. All of it should be living on or leading back to your website.

    What is the responsibility of your sales and marketing team?  

    For your marketers, they must ensure that your website is up-to-date. There is nothing worse than landing on a website that is out-of-date and out-of-touch. Consistently producing fresh content is key; content that matters to your customer base, educates them and responds to their pain points. In healthcare, high performing content can include whitepapers, case studies, blogs, testimonials, and videos.

    Now, don’t give this content away for free. Put these valuable resources behind a form so you are converting unknown prospects to leads for your sales team.

    For your sales reps, they must commit to following up with the leads that come through the website. Provide feedback on the leads. In addition, nobody knows your customer like your sales team. Sales reps should provide insight to marketing on their customers’ pain points and needs to help provide direction for the content the marketing team is creating for the website.

    Where do you find the time?

    Email marketing, social media, display ads, mobile, content creation, search engine optimization, video and so forth takes a lot of time. Your website and digital efforts are real time and they must be monitored and managed. There are three choices here:

    1. Don’t do it, sit back and watch your competitors do it (and grow,)
    2. Quit your crying and make the time for it,
    3. Work with a boutique marketing agency that understands your industry, digital marketing and can work within your budget.

    Your website is your bricks and mortar online. It works day and night for your company and never calls in sick. For teams with limited resources, your website, if developed right, can set you apart from your competition and be a viable lead source. Invest in it and make time for it.

    Need help getting your website working for you? Contact us.

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