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    The Future of Value-Added Sales

    by Jan Beery on Mar 26, 2013 11:58:57 AM

    We just returned from the HIDA Executive Conference. I always enjoy seeing friends we’ve known in the industry for a long time.


    HIDA is doing an outstanding job of bringing the industry together, and providing a program and forum for discussion on what issues are plaguing the healthcare arena.

    The Future of Value Added Sales was a session that included a panel of medical distributors and manufacturers. The discussion centered around, how are you going to lead, motivate, direct and retain sales leaders?

    • Dick Moorman of Midmark Posed the question, “What’s the best way to articulate value?”

    • EllenMary Martin of Dukal brought up the value of relationships.

    • Gina Marchese of MMS confirmed the challenge of cost being the focus, and sales being pressured to sell on value.

    • The moderator, Lisa Earle McLeod, brought the discussion full circle centered around how to create value and motivate your sales teams to sell with a sense of purpose as opposed to being profit driven.

    How do you sell with purpose?

    In the early days of my career, I realized how important it was to not just sell product, but to be a resource. This came easy to me because, if you know me at all, you know I’m a helper. I enjoy people. If someone has a question or concern, I’ll find a resource to solve that problem. Many times, it had nothing to do with a product I sold. They needed help, and I was happy to help. Relationships meant more to me then the sale. Ironically, I always seemed to win incentive trips and be rewarded financially. The numbers weren’t my focus. Sure I had them on my radar, but my value was in what I could deliver outside the box.

    Flash forward to now...Our industry is being hit from all directions. Cold Calling is Dead. The sales teams have pressure to reach those decision makers.

    As leaders, how do we motivate?

    • Make your company a resource, and align your sales and marketing for growth.

    • Your prospects and existing customers are seeking information, are you where your customers are?

    • Demonstrate Value: Why would anyone do business with you? What makes you the best source of information?

      • Are you providing the tools that will help your sales team flourish?

      • What are you providing?

      • Generate Leads in a way that shortens the selling cycle!

      • Drive Leads in with valuable information

      • Nurture the leads with further relevant information

      • Close the sale

    The future of value-added sales is here. What’s your biggest challenge in implementing a new strategy?

    Utilize an Inbound Marketing Strategy, as opposed to the old way of pounding the pavement. Make your organization a resource machine, and your Value Added Sales will translate into value added profits.

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