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    The Value of CRM & ERP Integrations: How Integrations Help You Be More Efficient

    by KBK Communications on Aug 3, 2021 9:00:00 AM

    We have continued to see the need in the healthcare industry for integrations between Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Each system is able to perform specific functions better than the other. Whereas a CRM excels at managing customer engagement, ERP is better for ordering. There are many benefits of integrating your CRM and ERP systems. This can be done in a number of ways, including exporting data from one platform into another or importing it via an (Application Programming Interface) API. This will make it easier to run your business.

    Integrations increase efficiency and productivity 

    With the integration of CRM and ERP sales leaders enjoy the ability to have information all in one place, and sales representatives are able to have a full customer view. Gaining a full understanding of your customers and their needs may allow you to better serve them. Some of the benefits include:

    • The ability to transfer information between both platforms. Probably the most important one, the exchange of data between these two platforms will allow you to keep better track of your customers and their purchases which will lead to a better understanding of their needs and projecting future sales.
    • Automation of the tedious tasks that come with managing a company by using integrations between your CRM system and ERP software leads to increased efficiency for your business. 
    • More comprehensive data allowing you to make more accurate forecasts that can help you grow your business and make you more successful.
    • Easier care of customers' needs because you have access to all data in one place.
    • Increased success rate and revenue from increased customer loyalty.

    Integrations can be facilitated in a variety of ways which are dependent on factors like:

    • Capabilities of the CRM system - which CRM system are you using and does it easily support integrations?
    • Capabilities of your ERP system - does your ERP have open API's and the ability to support integrations?
    • A company's goals - what do you want to achieve by integrating systems and how will it help you reach your goals?
    • Resources - what are your internal and external capabilities to help facilitate an integration?
    • Budgets - how much are you comfortable spending and does that equate to the goals that you have?

    Integrating your CRM and ERP systems can help you be more efficient, more productive and have a better understanding of the needs of your customers. There are many benefits to integrating these two systems that will provide long-term success for any business looking to grow consistently over time. 

    One benefit is that of exchanging information between both platforms which leads to increased efficiency and improved productivity for your company. This helps to streamline your workflow since it won’t require tedious data inputting or management tasks. 

    Integrations can also enable you to better understand your customer’s needs and purchasing trends, thus allowing you to make accurate forecasts about future growth, and making it easier than ever before to reach goals efficiently. 

    This increased understanding of your customers needs and challenges may also help you to better relate to them and their challenges, and build loyalty resulting in repeat purchases.

    KBK Communications has over 75 years of combined experience in sales, marketing, administration, and direct patient care, which makes us experts in harnessing the latest digital technology to grow and empower healthcare organizations. If you’re ready to start implementing a CRM system or thinking about how it can benefit your organization, get in touch with us today.


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