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    Understanding The Mysteries of Online Search

    by KBK Communications on Sep 18, 2017 9:30:00 AM

    online search.jpgJust as you search online to see which movies are playing nearby, your potential customers begin searching for solutions to their problems online. For business or pleasure, we all rely on the internet to answer our questions.

    Have you ever wondered how these search results appear? You may have heard how Google’s proprietary algorithms are constantly changing and thought it seemed too complex to matter to you. Surprise! This process directly impacts your ability to reach your potential customers and to achieve your growth goals.

    The Mysteries of Online Search

    The way questions get answered online matters to you as a consumer, but even more as a healthcare manufacturer. Let’s delve into the mysteries of online search and talk about some of the ways you can boost the ranks of your brand, products, and services.

    How are Search Results Compiled?

    The links that appear in search engine results are determined by search engine algorithms. While the fine details change often, the core components remain:

    • Relevancy – How well does the website relate to the words and context of the query?
    • Quality – Does the content on the website provide valuable information? Is it well written?
    • Traffic – How frequently do users visit the website or individual web pages?
    • Organization – Does the website’s infrastructure meet industry standards? Is the content well organized?
    • Quantity – How many pages of content are on the website? How often is new content published?
    • Popularity – How often do third-party sources refer to the website?
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    How Does the Wording of Search Queries Impact My Ranking?

    Let’s take look at a practical example. If you were planning to buy a new car, you may begin your search with any of the following queries:

    • Safest car 2018
    • Best value sedan 2018
    • Top cars 2018

    Each of these queries will produce a different set of results. Why? Using a common term such as “car” in a query will produce a broad range of results including many manufacturers and models. However, when we use the word “sedan” our results will only include one auto style. Each variation in our word choice affects our search results.  

    In the same way that these differences affect the rank of car manufacturers, they also affect the medical product and service search results for your potential customers.

    How Can I Improve My Position in Online Search Results?

    Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO. The best way to get found online is to optimize your website, and all of your digital communications, to attract more traffic organically (without the cost of digital advertising). By doing an in-depth analysis of the keywords that relate to customer problems and the solutions you provide, you can develop a keyword strategy for content, titles and meta descriptions that will drive potential customers to you.

    Other common SEO tactics include linking content to internal and external sources to provide more exposure, frequently publishing fresh, high-quality content, monitoring progress and making adjustments to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

    Need help?

    If you’d like some assistance evaluating and improving your online performance, the experienced healthcare marketing team at KBK Communications is ready to help you attract more visitors and convert more leads into satisfied customers. Contact us online or by phone at 815-464-8565.

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