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    What is Agile Marketing and Does it Apply to Healthcare?

    by KBK Communications on Jan 25, 2018 1:00:00 PM

    AgileAgility is not just for athletes anymore. Have you caught the wave of Agile Marketing? Companies large and small, within the healthcare sector and beyond, have been adopting the Agile way of life in growing numbers. What does ‘going Agile’ actually mean and, how much of a difference could it possibly make? Let’s review some of the basic principles so you can decide for yourself.

    #1 – Use testing and data (not your gut) as a guide

    Embracing the Agile mindset means letting go. That’s a tough one to swallow for many, but it is absolutely essential to see your team take it to the next level. If landing page A gets significantly more conversions than landing page B in a sample of contacts, then we have undeniable proof which one will generate more leads. No more crossing fingers.

    23% of senior marketers say Agile delivers higher marketing metrics and KPIs (Aprimo/Forbes)

    #2 – Failing quickly means recovering even quicker

    The Agile philosophy was born out of a recurring problem in the software industry. There was a disconnect between the client’s wants and needs, and the final product. In addition, the process of developing the software usually took much longer than estimated, at a significantly higher cost, with numerous change orders applied during the process.

    By breaking down a project into small segments, Agile teams achieve smaller objectives and get incremental approvals before moving on. This way, there are no surprises, there is room for minor tweaks, and the client is happy with the resulting product, price, and timeline.

    93% of CMOs who employ Agile practices say their speed to market for ideas, campaigns, and products has improved (Forbes/CMG Partners)

    #3 – Embracing collaboration eliminates isolated problems

    How can you design the very best product or service? Through collaboration. By brainstorming, planning, and reviewing a process with technical, creative, executive, and administrative perspectives, you have a much greater chance of developing a game-changing offering than if any one department tried to develop it alone. By giving each party a voice, you enable new ideas to flourish – and you get to watch the magic happen right in front of you.

    “Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.” General George S. Patton Jr.

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    #4 – Strive for continuous improvement as if your life depends on it

    Yes, we finished our assigned tasks within the allotted time and achieved our goals. What else could you ask for? Challenge yourselves to do even better. If you have a revolutionary idea, bring it to the team. There are no wrong answers, only priorities. Trying something that has not been tried before (on a small scale, in a low-risk situation) is exactly how your next big idea could come to life. Always be looking for new ways to challenge yourself and your team. Your life – or at least your livelihood – may well depend on it.

    “The beauty of agile comes in with its incremental nature and use of empiricism to focus on three “I”s - Interaction, Iteration, and Improvement.” Pearl Zhu, Digital Agility: The Rocky Road from Doing Agile to Being Agile

    #5 – Focus on what is working

    Once you have seen a transformation occur – with a process, a product, or a campaign – talk about it. Identify the elements and influences that accelerated your success, and work them into other workflows to enhance your outcomes.

    87% of Agile CMOs have found their teams to be more productive following the transition to Agile marketing (Forbes/CMG Partners)

    Is Agile Marketing for you?

    These principles are just a few of the major themes of this phenomenal project management mindset. To get the greatest benefit from it, you must master the flavor of Agile you prefer (Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Scrumban, to name a few) and understand that the transformation cannot happen overnight. It will take time for you and your team members to understand and adjust.

    The good news is, if your work is process-focused, and you have multiple departments or teams contributing to the success of your outcomes, chances are that adopting an Agile approach will greatly improve team satisfaction, increase ROI, and produce better results sooner.

    The better news is, when it comes to inbound marketing functions, working with an experienced agency that utilizes Agile marketing principles and methodologies, can provide improved outcomes based on focused A/B testing, analytics, strategy alterations, process improvements, and delivery of quantifiable outcomes.

    KBK Communications is a healthcare-focused, digital marketing agency that utilizes Agile marketing methodologies to promote lead generation and increased sales for our clients. To learn how KBK Communications can help your company reach its growth goals, contact us here or call us at 815-464-8565.

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