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    Why Digital Medical Marketing Works

    by KBK Communications on May 29, 2019 10:00:00 AM

    shutterstock_664166815Shrinking budgets...diminishing resources...ever-changing consumer behavior… HIPAA compliance… regulatory limitations... Sound familiar?

    While the digital medical marketing world is an admittedly broad umbrella that encompasses the entire medical landscape, these pressures are felt by most. However, whether you’re marketing a hospital or a medical device, the healthcare space is crowded and complex, to say the least.

    Today's healthcare industry is influenced by a customer-centric and a digital-first mentality. In order to stay competitive, digital marketers can help increase awareness, deliver customized campaigns, and improve data collection strategies for these healthcare professionals. Ultimately, it can also help your team drive patient engagement—which can create repeat customers.

    So, What Are The Benefits of Digital Medical Marketing for Healthcare Organizations?
    It’s Low Cost, Low Risk, & Delivers Proven ROI

    Unlike outbound marketing strategies, digital marketing provides metrics in real-time, so that you can get a clear picture of your ROI, right away. Digital marketing has the ability to track customers throughout their entire journey—from lead source down to scheduled appointments—which makes it easy to attribute engagement to specific sources and channels.

    For example, let’s say you’re looking to increase conversion rates. Metrics such as conversion rates by channel illustrate whether paying customers are coming from organic traffic, referral traffic, or paid search (and so forth). This not only illustrates whether you’re accomplishing your goals—it shows which digital marketing channels you should invest in.

    What’s more, digital medical marketing campaigns can be implemented with little risk. You’ve already invested in your website. Why not make it perform to its fullest potential? After all, your website should operate as an extension of your sales team. Improving conversion rates is done by analyzing prospect activity, offering leads useful resources, and optimizing the online user experience.

    It Engages Customers Earlier in Their Research

    Digital marketing delivers healthcare-specific content to real customers at various stages of their journey. For example, content marketing can engage customers when they are just beginning their research. By creating branded content that’s both optimized around search engines and targeted around your audience’s wants and needs, you can drive traffic to your website.

    Buyer personas are a foundational component of any digital marketing campaign.

    Buyer personas bridge the gap between prospects and data. By leveraging research and purchaser feedback, marketers can create content that appeals to niche groups within the healthcare space. Incorporating pain points, purchasing decisions, and demographics into the development process helps marketers create pieces of content that resonate with prospects.

    It Provides Personalized Solutions Through Digital Analytics

    While many healthcare organizations may be at the forefront of medical innovation, far too often, sales and marketing data collection is stuck in the early-2000s. This often means disjointed data collection and inefficient IT systems that don’t communicate with each other.

    Effective data analytics serves as the foundation of your marketing strategy.

    As we’ve mentioned, data can come in many forms. For example, audience and customer analytics provide information about your potential audience and leads. Predictive analytics can also help make predictions about future behaviors. Finally, risk analytics can provide invaluable insight into the likelihood of risk associated with certain segments.

    So, How Do You Incorporate Digital Medical Marketing Across Your Organization? 

    Digital marketing agencies can help you optimize website performance by ensuring that contact forms and other lead generation efforts are effective. They can help develop content that resonates with personas based on real-life data, and they can integrate data solutions to allow healthcare organizations to make the most of their investments.

    Interested in learning the steps to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase sales opportunities? Download the free KBK resource on “Building a Digital Strategy”.

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