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    Why Good Content and Google’s Hummingbird Update Will Live in Harmony

    by Jan Beery on Oct 9, 2013 5:29:13 AM

    Google’s had a very busy year of algorithm updates! Hummingbird is no exception. We’ve been talking for a while about the value and relevancy with your website, and your content. We’ve talked about caring for your website, as your online bricks and mortar, thinking about that customer experience.



    Why, then, are businesses nervous about Hummingbird? Maybe because you can no longer cheat your way to the top? Keywords alone, aren’t enough. “As users have become more comfortable with search, they have started asking more complex questions of Google,” says Amit Singal, Google’s senior vice president of search.

    Here are 5 reasons why good content and Google Hummingbird will live in harmony:

    1. People buy from people: If you’ve been building your website content, the same way you’ve been building your customer relationships, you’ll be fine. When your customers or prospects are asking questions, are you answering? If so, google will reward you with placement on a search. Your target audience will find you.

    2. The best quality content wins: Quality content means you are providing information that is helpful and solves a problem. Does your product or service help heal a pain point? You have the answers. Be honest, and help be the solution your customer is looking for.

    3. Become the authority: No one knows more about your product or service then you do, right? Or does your competition? Start talking about it, right now! If you’ve been the first one out of the gate, the one talking about it the most, sharing it via social media. Keep going, your business depends on it.

    4. Blogging is your authority introduction: We learned this first hand. We were great at making sure our client’s blogged, but neglected ourselves. Once we took this seriously, and really started to share what we felt would be helpful, answer questions, and fulfill a need, we saw our traffic increase. Increased traffic equals increased credibility. Increased credibility equals new prospects. Existing clients benefit by having a resource provider they know well. We know what we’re talking about in our area, and we make sure to share it.

    5. Resources will rock your lead generation: 61% of businesses research products online, globally. Google’s focus is on the behavior of people who are doing research. Those who are seeking questions, in real time, want access to quick answers to those questions. Make sure you have the right resource, at the right time, in the right place. Your reward? New customers- all from being the one who answers the question.


    Google is focusing on how people search, not what people are searching for. Conversational searches are the focus in leading people to what they are looking for.


    Hopefully, you’ve been proactively managing your content ahead of time. If you haven’t, there’s no time like the present to get moving on a good content marketing strategy. The sooner you implement a program, the closer you are to becoming the leader in your space.

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