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    What Will Content Marketing Be Like In 100 Years?

    by Katie Fassl on Feb 9, 2014 9:00:10 PM

    content marketing in 100 yearsMarketing is a field that has to adapt to the never-ending changes of the consumer world. This is doubly so in content marketing, which has to keep a close eye on the targeted consumer base and make sure the marketing produced to reach them is considered relevant by the target customer group. You may find yourself asking, "How do I do this?" While the increased usage of smart phones and tablets have made content production easier, it seems so much of it is lost to background noise. Customers may be easier to reach but they seem to ignore marketing with a detached disinterest. Marketing will change to combat this by creating a more personal individualistic dynamic.

    Further Personalization: A problem you’ll encounter in content marketing is you’re seeking to find a stereotypical member of Joe Average consumer sub group. The problem with this is it’s an archetype and not a real person. In the future, content marketing will be a highly customized thing. It won’t be made for a stereotypical group but for the interest and desires of a real person. This will work on an individual level and each person will receive marketing they can relate to when they want to see it and how they want to see it.

    Further Team Work/Cross Promotion: In the future, a further blending of brand cross promotion will occur. Several different brands fit together to create a certain lifestyle identity. You’ll see cross over with say clothing brands and electronics that are often bought by the same customer base. You could very well see these two brands promote an event or post on a popular website used by customers likely to purchase or having purchased their brands.

    Popularity And Noise Will Give Way To Trust And Loyalty: With Internet and mobile technology becoming commonplace, it can be hard to break through the noise of the cultured online landscape. This noisy consumer environment has created a customer base that is skeptical and ignores advertising more then at any other point in history. Because of this, companies will move toward creating loyalty over empty popularity. The customer base may be smaller but they will be brand loyal and buy more products. Companies will build this loyalty through customer relations and private events such as membership clubs.

    Good Quality Will Be Unique Quality: These days having a good content marketing campaign requires high quality content. With quality content you can stand out very easily from your competitors. In the future however, the ground floor for what is considered quality is going to be higher than it is now. As companies stand out from the group their methods are studied, copied, and become common. The key to the future is going to be quality on a different level. Things that are truly unique and groundbreaking are going to be needed. For the future, you’re going to have to consider ways of reaching your audience that you never considered before.

    Despite Changes The Core Of Marketing Will Remain Unchanged: Technology changes, the ways of reaching customers changes, and MySpace gives way to Facebook. Despite the ever-changing cultural and technological shift at its heart, marketing will work with the same ideas it always has. Some business concepts are ones that have been used for centuries. Being able to listen to the customer will never be without use. Likewise, reaching and communicating with your customers will always be important. The key is to leverage technology to make this an easier thing to do. This makes data more current and more involved leading to further relationship building. Lastly, having a reputation for quality products and honesty through high quality content has always been a hallmark of the elite companies.

    Marketing at its core has always been driven by the personal relationship between a company and its customers. As technology has expanded, reaching the customer has become easier, but forging the unique bonds that make a customer a lifetime user of your brand has become more difficult. The future of marketing will overcome this by leveraging technology to talk to the customers on a unique one-on-one basis based on loyalty and with a personal touch.

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