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Marketing & Sales Automation

Marketing and sales automation involves using technology to automate and streamline your sales and marketing activities so that you can save money and increase your conversion rate, by: 

  • Improving productivity
  • Reducing human error 
  • Speeding up your response time 
  • Prioritizing key tasks 

The starting point is identifying any repetitive actions or situations where there is a potential for something to fall through the cracks. Depending on the areas you want to focus on, we at KBK Communications will work with you to map out your processes, identify those friction points, and advise you as to how they can be automated. 

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There are many potential applications

Automation Examples:

Event management: Automate the sending of personalized webinar invitations and reminders;; solicit and collate distribute event notices; post-event material distribution; automate surveys, reminders, and reply handling. 

New sales leads: Automate how leads are allocated to specific salespeople; trigger tasks and alerts when a new lead arrives, or when a lead engages with your proposal; score leads based on their engagement with your content and prioritize high-value leads, standardize email replies and automate personalized follow-up emails; trigger alerts when a lead hasn’t been touched recently, or if a milestone is behind schedule. 

Order fulfillment: Automate alerts to sales reps when a loyal customer makes an online order or abandons their shopping cart; trigger notifications to the right person to speed up order processing; personalize emails with order tracking details; trigger personalized product review requests after delivery. 

Content engagement: Automate personalized email replies to content download requests; sequence lead nurture emails to create a series promoting undiscovered content; personalize call to action messages. 

Automation will provide a measurable uplift in your productivity and conversion metrics, supported by reporting and dashboards. 

With our broad experience in the healthcare industry and our expertise in marketing technology, we at KBK can help you identify automation opportunities, evaluate them for impact, and get them working for you, so your team can focus on their work. 

sales and marketing automation
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