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Increase your brand awareness

Video Selling

What do we see with incorporating video selling into your digital strategy? 4x increase in booked meetings and 3x Response Rates

Video has become an essential component of digital marketing, with research proving how effective it can be in:

  • Boosting search engine rankings 
  • Improving user’s comprehension and retention of your message
  • Stimulating engagement along the entire sales funnel
  • Improving conversion rates 

Video is a powerful marketing tool for communicating with potential and existing customers. It allows you to memorably express complex information because you can combine sound, text, and imagery. It is also possible to personalize a video and it is quick, easy, and affordable to produce video content from your computer screen, webcam, or mobile phone. 


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The opportunity

Video will 10x your efforts

With video, the sales cycle is shortened, and productivity increases as your sales team doesn't have to have face-to-face interaction to “see” more clients and build personal relationships. Video can be repeated, shared, reused, and repurposed, and it's perfect in times of social distancing. 

Importantly, video is seen as more credible. This is because your viewers feel someone has invested time in making a video that talks ‘directly’ to them and so they feel obliged to engage with it. 

At KBK we pride ourselves on our expertise in healthcare marketing and our application of the latest marketing technologies to advance our client’s business objectives. This is why KBK has partnered with Vidyard, a leading video platform that offers easy-to-use video creation software with strong personalization and editing tools and a range of exceptional tracking and reporting features. 

Vidyard software enables you to quickly create and upload video content that can be integrated into websites and emails or posted and shared to chat and social media. Vidyard can be integrated into your CRM platform and Vidyard’s engagement analytics give you insights about your audience to better optimize, automate, and personalize your videos, with metrics for:

  • Number of times the video was watched,
  • Which videos are being forwarded,
  • Alerts for when a video was watched to allow for ’just-in-time’ follow-ups.

Vidyard’s features include the ability to create dynamic, action-orientated content with instant feedback mechanisms (e.g. RSVP or Buy Now buttons). The videos can be used for sales presentations, explaining technical concepts, pricing models, step-by-step training demonstrations, or onboarding processes.

KBK can help you take advantage of all Vidyard’s features, training your staff to be “camera-ready” and creating effective video strategies that will give you a measurable uplift in conversion. If you would like to find out more about KBK’s video offering through Vidyard, please contact us for a quote. 

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