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Website Development

Growing your business in a highly competitive healthcare industry can be challenging - which is why a credible online presence must include an engaging website that is responsive and easy to use. What’s more, your website needs to work hard at attracting new visitors that can be tracked, nurtured, and converted from leads into sales. It is no longer enough to have a digital brochure. 

By having useful and compelling content, appealing imagery, and by capturing the contact information of your web visitors, your website will be an engaging and efficient sales tool 24/7.

Your website should reflect your brand identity and encourage users to explore your content. At KBK, our web design team will craft the look and feel of your website while also addressing aspects like content planning, search engine optimization (SEO), user experience (UX), and navigation logic. 

Web development refers to the coding, hosting, and integrations that give your website its structure and functionality. It includes things like:

  •  Responsive design for all size screens, 
  •  Content management tools to continuously update your website messaging, 
  •  e-Commerce, 
  •  Platform integrations e.g. 
      • Lead capture forms on your website that populate straight to your CRM and alert the sales team.
      •  Product database updates that reflect on your website in real-time.
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Align your website to your goals

KBK’s team has years of experience in the healthcare industry, so we can ensure your website aligns with your marketing strategy and integrates seamlessly with your CRM tools and other back-end systems. When you partner with KBK, whether it is to upgrade your existing site or build a new one, we start with analyzing your customer’s needs, unpacking the user journey, and identifying how to best engage with them online. 

Besides design and web development, KBK provides a range of additional services such as content development, email marketing, usability testing, SEO, and web analytics. You have the choice of uploading your content yourself or using the KBK marketing team to update and manage your web presence. We also supply monthly and quarterly reporting so you can track your website against your KPIs. 

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At KBK Communications, we focus on customer experience, user experience, and digital transformation from research to purchase.


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We offer a full spectrum of digital, PIM, CRM and customer experience solutions: strategy, paid media, creative, data, custom integrations, and technology.


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