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Resource Page

Welcome to our resource library! Here you can access digital marketing information for healthcare manufacturers and service providers. The topics include; Content Marketing, Social Media, Lead Generation, Personal Branding and more. We invite you to download, save, print, share and use all of our collateral online and in your office.


6 Lead Gen Strategies for Small Medical Manufacturers

Capturing the attention of your ideal buyer doesn't require a massive budget and large sales and marketing team. The web has leveled the playing field. If leveraged effectively, online lead generation can be your top driver for new leads and new business.

Using a Multimedia Approach for Healthcare Marketing and Lead Generation

In a Google study, hospital administrators were asked, "What digital resources influence hospital administrators during their purchase journey?"

Learn the top 3 answers and more!

Creating a Frictionless Customer Experience: A Guide for Healthcare Marketers

Your customer’s experience is starting online. The expectations of brands are higher and so is the competition for great products. What now differentiates brands is the ability to not only deliver a solid product but the ability to deliver a solid, positive customer experience from research to purchase and beyond.


Building a Marketing Team

As the digital world rapidly grows, traditionally hands-on agency tasks are increasingly automated. Now's the time to assemble a team of experts around this cutting-edge marketing tech to make it work for you. 

Social Media Image Size Guide

When creating your social presence it is important to remember that visual information can be processed several times faster than text and is easier to remember.

Since we know the importance of your appearance, we created an infographic with the exact sizes needed for your social media profiles.

Building a Digital Strategy to Meet the Needs of the Healthcare Supply Chain

An effective healthcare digital marketing strategy is a combination of various tactics which, together, work towards one goal. When building a digital strategy, it's important to aways ask yourself, "And then what?"

Harnessing Healthcare eCommerce

Having gone from an emerging online retail solution in the early days of the internet, it’s since become something far more revolutionary. Because manufacturers and distributors have more control over the buying process, eCommerce has effectively cut out the middleman. This levels the proverbial playing field, allowing all businesses to compete with the biggest players in the industry.

Growing Leads For a Popular AED Management Solution

A leader in automated external (AED) management solutions came to us looking to develop a new pipeline of leads for their sales team. They wanted to use their website to drive leads to their free trial service but lacked the expertise to bring the plan to life.

Two Examples of the Need for a Website Audit

Two separate scenarios proved beneficial to our clients, it was a bumpy ride to ROI. Had they sanctioned the recommended website audits prior to strategy, we could have identified the roadblocks that hampered implementation early on. This would have saved the clients time, money, and made the agency more effective.