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Privacy Policy

In keeping with the requirements of the US Federal Trade Commission and HIPAA, as well as the newly updated European GDPR, please note the following:

KBK Communications, Inc. will not collect information from a person with whom we do business that is not necessary for providing the service(s) we are requested to do, including:
Directly contacting the person
Billing or paying for the services provided

KBK Communications, Inc. will not share personal information received, except when legally required to do so by a court of law.

With our employees and other contracted service providers with which we have an existing non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

KBK Communications, Inc. will not publicly disclose the identity of the contracted companies we represent without their express written permission, including:
The name of the company
The company logo

KBK Communications, Inc. will delete, destroy or otherwise eliminate any and all personal information upon written request from the person to do so.


Who we are

At KBK Communications, we focus on customer experience, user experience, and digital transformation from research to purchase.


How we work

We offer a full spectrum of digital, PIM, CRM and customer experience solutions: strategy, paid media, creative, data, custom integrations, and technology.


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