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    5 Savvy Ways to Spend Leftover B2B Budget

    by Katie Fassl on Mar 24, 2014 6:35:39 AM

    B2B BudgetIt takes a bit of marketing savvy to know how to get the most bang for your B2B marketing bucks. If you find yourself with a surplus of money just itching to be spent on your B2B budget, here are five ways you can choose to invest your extra money.

    1. LinkedIn Advertising: According to Faber Novel of the 250 million members on LinkedIn, more than half are the decisions makers of their business. This says a lot about who will be viewing your information as well as how many potential views you will get. Ads are targeted by roles or groups, and the number of people seeking information is six times higher than those seeking jobs. What's more, it's pay-per-click. So, you only pay when your ad gets clicked, which allows you to set a pretty reasonable budget. LinkedIn is used by 91 percent of B2B marketers to distribute content, the highest amount of any other social media site and also drives more visitors to corporate websites. Finally LinkedIn is the most trusted website for B2B purposes of all the social media sites.
    2. Evergreen Content: If you are not up on the latest marketing buzz words, evergreen content is content that has long lasting appeal. It is worth investing in at least a few evergreen articles to help build a good profile for your business and help establish you as an expert in your industry. Evergreen content is a very valuable marketing tool as it provides much needed bait for the ever churning Google search engines. Because of the timeless quality of evergreen copy you will also have to spend less on continuous blog updates and can even re-post evergreen content every month or two to encourage readership from new searches.
    3. Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC): Companies love PPC because you literally only pay for the visits you get. This means you have more control over your budget and can opt out once you hit the amount of clicks you can afford. It can also help improve your placement on Google, although it will not be in the organic search. It still brings you front and center for searches in your category. You can also invest in an awesome landing page that will invite visitors to take action either to provide an email address, ask for further information or even enter a contest or download an App.
    4. Update your Website: Ask yourself "when was the last time you visited your own website?", or better yet "when was the last time you signed off on new content?" If the answer is "Huh?" then it's the perfect time to invest in a new website. Some of the trends in which you can be missing out include Responsive web design. If your site is more than five years old, chances are, you did not consider the platform your site would be viewed. Handheld devices, tablets and PC's each require a different perspective and layout in order to enhance the user experience. A combination of creative and functional design will also improve the visitor experience which is even more effective if your navigation is intuitive and allows visitors to follow their own needs without being directed even deeper in a direction they do not wish to travel. A clunky site that doesn't provide a quick response time (people will abort after .04 seconds!) will not be doing you any favors.
    5. Develop an App: If you can come up with something that is either fun, a time saver or completely unique and relevant to your customer experience, you are a shoe in for new customers.

    There you have it. Five savvy ways to spend your leftover B2B budget.

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