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    Optimizing Lead Generation Opportunities- Part One

    by KBK Communications on Jun 19, 2018 2:00:00 PM


    The saying “you have to meet them where they are” is 100% true in lead generation. If you’re not reaching new people as they visit their favorite spots, your marketing dollars are going to waste.

    So, where are their favorite spots? That’s a great question - and not an easy one to answer. In 1960, if you ran TV and newspaper ads, you were covering more than 90% of the adult audience. Today, media viewership is much more diverse and ever-changing.

    The world’s most popular social media platforms include:

    • YouTube—73% of U.S. adults use YouTube, compared to 68% using Facebook.
    • Facebook—This is the #1 social media site in 119 of 149 countries in the world. It’s been the primary social platform for most Americans since 2012.
    • Twitter—Twitter is the #2 most-used social channel in the U.S., followed closely by Instagram.
    • Instagram—Although overall Instagram use dropped slightly in the U.S. last year, it’s still #1 in 37 countries and in the top 2 for young American adults.
    • LinkedIn—It’s further down the list in overall use, but close to the top among B2B users.
    • Plus, literally, thousands of others that account for millions of daily users.

    Not only do today’s consumers have tons of web and social options, but they tend to use multiple channels at once. On a typical evening, a dad might search for a recipe on his phone while watching a YouTube video on TV, with a laptop open to LinkedIn, as his teenagers Snapchat nearby. 

    Capturing Elusive Leads

    Each time a person interacts with a web/social channel, it’s an opportunity for your company to connect with them. But how do you capture their attention in all that chaos?

    Digital marketing experts say it’s actually about more than capturing attention. Today, it’s about capturing their interest - interacting with people on a more authentic, meaningful level.

    What you need is a multimedia digital content approach that treats lead generation as an exercise in relationship-building. It means improving the customer journey, from the moment they first encounter you. 

    Content Marketing

    96% of B2B customers want more content from industry thought leaders about which products to buy. This means if you’re a medical equipment supplier, your customers want to know what your city’s #1 doctor thinks about your products.

    Therefore, you’ll probably get good leads from content development like:

    • Sharing reviews on Facebook from well-respected local docs
    • YouTube videos showing industry leaders using your products
    • Podcast Q&As with experts about new devices

    These tactics are a good start— but there’s more to making a successful lead generation strategy. Look for part two to get the rest of the story! In the meantime, check out the KBK Communications blog to get more information about optimizing healthcare lead generation.

    Lead Gen Strategies for Small Medical Manufacturers


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