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    Will Your Business Grow With Social Media?

    by admin on Mar 5, 2015 8:13:17 AM

    5 reasons why #NOPE isn’t quite accurate?

    I guess to answer that question, for me, brings up a lot of other questions. For us, in the healthcare space, we identify what means of communication the company utilizes to promote their business. 10 times out of 10, it’s never just one outlet.

    In isolation, I’d ask:

    • If you place an ad, in print or in an online periodical, will your business grow?

    • If you send out random mailers to a list you purchased, will your business grow?

    • If you cold call will your business grow?

    • If you invest in PPC, will your business grow?

    • If you run commercial spots, will your business grow?

    • If you attend a tradeshow, will your business grow?

    Any of these actions, in isolation, will do something, and maybe, just maybe, sell some product or services for you.

    When I read the Harvard Business Review article, challenging the effectiveness of social media, I do agree with a lot of what they're saying. Anything in isolation is going to have a hard time being effective.

    If we take that same social media example, use it to share a blog on a relevant issue that educates and provides valuable information, connected with the right audience, at the same time, it has a number of different ways to help your business.

    Here’s 5 reasons why #NOPE isn’t quite accurate:

    1. The blog or any information you put out on social is relevant to an issue that you can help solve.

    2. The information invites people to your website, your bricks and mortar online, their first impression of who you are.

    3. You also provide an opportunity within the blog, to access relevant information, further educating prospects, leads and customers on the topic.

    4. They're now further into their research and are now considering this organization as a viable solution to your problem.

    5. Same said information shared on social, is also going to turn up in google searches.

    We’ve all heard the term, “google it.” It’s become synonymous with “kleenex.” Why? Because when you have a question, or a concern, you research. So much so, that over 81% of the population now researches online, before making a purchase. They compare pricing, features and benefits, reviews, etc.

    As a result of such research, here’s an actual analytics result. What does this tell us?


    First, yes, they’ve grown, but we delve further. We know how many people accessed the blog on their website. We know how many people then found a resource valuable enough to want to engage and follow more information. We know how many potential customers are now moving from a marketing qualified lead to a sales qualified lead. We also know how many then turn into customers.

    Social media, is a tool, one of many tools, to share information about your organization. Content that addresses pain points that your target customer’s experience, are yet another opportunity to network with potential customers. It’s one opportunity of many, not the only, that is a touch point to educate, identify problems, and provide solutions. THAT results in business growth.

    Why is this so critical?

    Because Education builds confidence

    Confidence drives action

    Action drives sales


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