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    6 Sales Hub Enterprise Updates (and Why They Matter)

    by KBK Communications on Dec 2, 2020 9:00:00 AM

    shutterstock_1806394888 (1)HubSpot’s Inbound 2020 conference played host to some groundbreaking announcements and updates to their Growth Suite. In particular interest to healthcare sales and marketing professionals are the comprehensive improvements to the Sales Hub Enterprise platform.

    With sales acceleration powered by AI and powerful enterprise-grade additions, these HubSpot updates are ideal for healthcare B2B organizations. Here's a quick summary of six new features you can look forward to:

    1. Custom objects

    Sales Hub enterprise-level functionality now allows you to set up Custom Objects to match the platform to the needs of your business. HubSpot states: “With custom objects, you can store nearly any data in HubSpot, including SaaS subscriptions, students, shipments, and more . . . Custom objects work just like standard objects in HubSpot - like the contacts and companies objects. This enables you to easily create and manage them, set up workflows, and run reports on custom object data.”

    1. Teams and permissions

    HubSpot Sales Hub Enterprise now allows for granular permissions to protect the data stored in your CRM. For the first time, HubSpot has added field-level permissions to properties so that managers and administrators have oversight and control over who can edit specific CRM information. These new granular permissions extend across the HubSpot platform and give healthcare sales and marketers more access control than ever before, reducing human error and simplifying operations. 

    If you’re interested in learning more about MarTech advances and what it means for your organization, read our article How Will MarTech Advances Affect Your Business?

    1. New sales engagement tools

    Sales Hubs’ sales engagement tools have also received a welcome HubSpot upgrade, most notably in the Sequences functionality. With the Sequences tool, sales reps can deploy a series of targeted emails to nurture leads and existing clients over time. You can also create follow-up tasks automatically to ensure that nothing is left to chance (or memory).

    What’s more, you can now bulk enroll contacts, with the new sender score feature providing valuable insights into metrics such as reply and bounce rates. The LinkedIn in Sequences feature uses LinkedIn task types to send InMail and connection requests natively from HubSpot. In order to use this feature, you’ll need a Sales Navigator subscription.

    1. Today view

    From spreadsheets and calendars to notebooks and inboxes, sales reps are no strangers to working with multiple apps and tabs to hit their targets. The Today view brings together these disparate applications in what HubSpot calls a ‘personalized command center’ and a ‘single source of truth for everything they need to do to reach success, all in one single tab’.

    1. HubSpot mobile app

    Sales opportunities in the healthcare sector don’t have set office hours or wait for us to sit down at our desks. Thankfully, the Hubspot Mobile App gives sales reps CRM access wherever they are so they can stay on top of sales processes and strike when a hot lead is identified. What’s more is that the mobile app works with the Today view, boosting sales efficiency and productivity for those days when you’re on the go. While we’re on the subject of CRM, we’ve written a piece on how marketing automation and customer relationship management are the perfect marriage. You can read it here.

    Another HubSpot update on the horizon is a new keyboard on iOS and Android. This feature will bring your snippets, meetings link, documents, and quotes to all of the apps your sales reps use, such as WhatsApp and Slack. 

    1. Streamlined sales reporting tools

    Sales Hub Enterprise’s new and improved sales reporting tools remove the need for sales data and forecasting spreadsheets. Now, managers and sales leaders have full visibility of individual rep performance and complete oversight of deal pipelines. 

    Of particular interest to sales leaders is the new Sales Analytics tool. It provides deep, actionable insights about your sales pipeline to identify areas where coaching could improve team performance and sales outcomes. The brand new Forecasting app uses feedback from sales reps to produce up-to-date sales forecasts with pinpoint accuracy, all while removing the need for double data entry.

    The above only scratches the surface of what these exciting improvements offer healthcare sales teams. For the full list of HubSpot updates in Sales Hub Enterprise, click here

    Healthcare sales and marketing teams need to be ahead of the curve

    As each day brings with it new technologies to solve challenges, we need to stay up to date with healthcare marketing trends and tools to remain efficient and competitive. 

    That said, embracing future-proofing innovation is not the same as wasting resources on every new fad. To ensure you don’t make the mistake of buying into hype, it’s a good idea to partner with trusted brands and agencies who can guide you on the way forward.

    KBK Communications has over 50 years of combined experience in sales, marketing, administration, and direct patient care, which makes us experts in harnessing the latest digital technology to grow and empower healthcare organizations.

    If you’re ready to start deploying innovative marketing technology with the strategies to back it up, get in touch with us today.

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