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    5 Ways To Leverage Digital Disruption In Your Healthcare Supply Chain

    by KBK Communications on Jul 22, 2019 1:00:00 PM

    shutterstock_680059189Healthcare is booming in the U.S. and in a world where there’s hardly an element of daily life that’s gone untouched by technological evolution, it’s no surprise that this essential industry is a space where digital change is taking hold. 

    The term "digital disruption" gets thrown around to describe some of the more commonplace developments in our fast-changing world. In the case of healthcare, though, the disruption is real. Not just where patients and caregivers interact, but throughout the entire supply chain. Before products reach the hospital, doctor’s office, caregiver or patient, there’s a world of ways in which top players are leveraging today’s technology to streamline and optimize business. That’s why learning to leverage the following features of the tech landscape is key to competing; it will help you build value for your company – and boost outcomes for the end-customer. 


    Social Media

    Social media has become a part of our daily lives – and eroded the distinction between where people go for personal interaction and where they go for B2B dealings. In healthcare, buyers may be using Facebook to see their friends’ wedding photos, or retweeting memes on Twitter – but they also have their eyes open to business-related posts. Since that’s where they’re looking, it’s where you want to be with your product (and the right hashtags). Hospital customers might also feel more comfortable getting support via Facebook Messenger than facing a possible wait on the telephone. When they have a complaint, they might do so publicly on social media. Knowing how to manage these platforms is key to meeting, and exceeding, their expectations. 



    Despite the popularity of third-party platforms, a quality brand website remains a necessity. If you search for a business and find that it only has a Facebook presence, it’s clear why. A good website is the face of the brand; it creates legitimacy. It’s also something you own, and can point people to your products and services without compromising control of your message or resources. Most importantly, it can act as an extension of the brand’s sales presence. When a potential buyer starts researching infection control products at 2 a.m., a progressive vendor will want to have thoughtful, relevant on-line content that will draw an interested party to their webpage and route them right to the promotional pieces that will promote that conversion.


    Access to Real-Time Data and Insightful Analytics

    Tracking and understanding data generated through sales relationships and product usage can help healthcare vendors better meet caregiver needs (and profit in the process). Understanding provider preferences, offering sensible cost analyses and the like can reduce wasted time, wasted resources and wasted finances. Having a real-time understanding of how a given piece of equipment is being used can even inspire new product features or lines. 



    Using AI chatbots to automate simple customer support can let you focus human resources on responding to inquiries that require more of a human touch. Using them for item replenishment can make your product simple for caregiver environments to re-purchase.



    Is blockchain the buzziest of buzzwords or an authentically useful solution healthcare brands should pay attention to? In the case of the healthcare supply chain, blockchain’s ability to trace the provenance of transactions points to it bringing real value to the equation. 


    Making Sense of Digital Disruption: Together

    This overview is just the start of using disruptive technology to boost your success in the healthcare supply chain. Download our free eBook, "Building a Digital Strategy to Meet the Needs of the Healthcare Supply Chain" and you can learn more about the techniques and nuances crucial to managing all of these new technologies as part of a comprehensive, profitable digital strategy.

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