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    A Healthcare Agency's Experience of the Digital Shift in Conferences

    by Jan Beery on Oct 1, 2020 2:00:00 PM

    HIDA-Streamlining-2020This has been an interesting year, to say the least. From a business perspective, we’ve experienced drastic changes in how we engage with our customers. The massive jump to digital engagement has found many companies unsure and looking for guidance and direction. What we’ve observed are shifts in the market away from the old school ways of selling, providing solutions, and engaging to new digital ways of sales and marketing. 

    We all have become very resourceful and the self-serve experience has become an expectation. Our behaviors have changed very quickly. The customer experience has taken on a completely different form of normal. The digitized sales process is here and will require a mind shift faster than we’ve seen in the past. 

    With the shift to digital, we’ve attended several virtual conferences. Becker’s virtual health conferences have been outstanding. The option of live and on-demand sessions was great for those who may not have been able to attend an in-person session.

    This year, HIDA hosted its first virtual Streamlining Healthcare Conference. The HIDA Board Chair's Year In Review And Passing Of The Gavel was done very well. Introduced by Mike Abney of Quidel, we were able to watch the current HIDA Chair, Chris Fagnani, Vice President at Lynn Medical, Inc. provide her review and the passing of the gavel to Incoming HIDA Chair Gina Marchese, EVP Marketing & Sales Operations, at Concordance Healthcare Solutions

    The sessions did not disappoint. The well-attended opening session with Alan Beaulieu, President and Principal of ITR Economics, provided insight into the state of our global economy, Beaulieu addressed how the increased demand is affecting domestic manufacturing, and how imports of medical equipment and supplies are outpacing exports at $43.2 Billion versus $34.5 Billion.

    The session: 4 Crucial Skills Reps Need for Selling Virtually had a diversified panel of forward-thinking industry leaders who shared their insights and advice on how to engage and provide opportunities for growth. Old school outside sales is inefficient and is not the way customers want to buy. Recognizing the need to learn new skills in providing solutions will be an ongoing hot topic and I’m confident HIDA will be addressing that topic in future virtual events. 

    4 crucial skills reps need for selling virtually 

    Networking and social events were not quite the same as in-person. That being said, we had a great time! 

    • I attended the Whiskey event and invited one of my friends and his wife. We all sat together and enjoyed our new Irish Whiskey friend John Cook from Craic and Cultur.
    • The next evening’s choice for networking was a Taste of Chicago hosted by Angie Euston and Gather Restaurant Chicago, which I highly recommend! We enjoyed an interview with the executive chef and managing partner, followed by catching up with friends. 

    I have many sessions I will be catching up with over the next week and so appreciated them being recorded. 

    What holds true for me in all that we’ve experienced this year is the resilience and determination we all have in providing service and support for patients, clinicians and caregivers, manufacturers, and distributors. What a group to be a part of. 

    Until we meet again, virtually or in person, well done everyone! Well done!

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