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    Global Changes, Healthcare Industry, eCommerce and the Customer Experience, What's Next?

    by Jan Beery on Apr 22, 2020 10:00:00 AM

    shutterstock_704890213This crazy time we are in with the COVID-19 pandemic has connected us globally in more ways than ever before. Digital transformation is on fast forward for many who found themselves less than prepared. For us personally, we are a part of a global team and seeing how each part of the world is affecting our friends, co-workers, and clients as a whole different level of impact. 

    Our team in South Africa, are not that different from anywhere else in the world as they transitioned overnight from a traditional office environment to working virtually. What they/we are finding, is the tools and communication platforms we all have been using has prepared everyone for this. Accountability and productivity are working, and working well. In missing that personal connection in the office, and being the innovative creative group that they are, they’ve come up with some fun creative ideas to stay connected

    Changing Role of Sales Reps

    Switching gears a bit, the role of the sales rep is changing quickly as well. I want to be clear about this role. Digital does not replace the value of the seasoned sales rep, their experience and knowledge. They are becoming more consultative and that ability to problem solve and support the market is so valuable.  Connecting with the digital side of a lead coming in needing support leads us to the CRM. The value of the CRM in looping in that sales rep at the moment in time a lead or customer needs support with their inquiry will make or break the growth and retention of a market. Networking online to fill your pipeline with social selling is a different way from traditional, yet the same, networking on steroids and reaching your market in mass. There are massive opportunities for growth. 

    Be ready to be consultative, be responsive, be an advisor:


    Changing Role of Customer Experience

    The customer is doing research when, how and why they want and need to. Is your business ready? 

    With COVID-19 affecting all aspects of healthcare, we’ve seen leads coming through for a client showing what the customer needs and research is very specific. 

    They need an answer. They need it now, and they don’t need to discuss anything. What they are asking for are timely solutions. Are you prepared to respond to your customers in a timely manner? Again, the CRM connection to sales would manage this in real-time.

    We know from experience that When businesses follow-up with online leads in under five minutes, those leads are nine times more likely to convert into customers. (Ziff Davis, 2019)  


    Digital Means Instant

    Enter the Chatbot - Humans don’t want to talk to humans anymore! They want to communicate via text. Say what they think, what they need and get an answer. If you have a high-level customer seeking a quick answer via a chat, you want that message to get to the proper rep to answer in real-time. They know best how to help. 


    Are you eCommerce ready?

    Integrations: With the management nightmare of PIM and the various options out there, having realtime information translate to the various distribution channels has a number of solutions. What we’ve found is, not one size fits all in PIM software, thus the reason there are 100+ different options listed on and 8 that are highly recommended. In the medical industry, expecting there to be a one size fits all solution isn’t very realistic. Providing API exit points from ERP and Manufacturers PIM to API entry points into eCommerce, another PIM or ERP is doable with an integration approach that controls what pricing, inventory management, information is accessed. 


    Keywords and the race to win in search

    We all know how it goes. When it comes to digital, the more valuable the keyword the higher the cost. If all the distributors and manufacturers are using the same keywords, who wins? There are a number of strategies that can manage the use of keywords and images but the reality is that the product is what it is and so are the images. You can control who uses what keywords but what is the differentiator? What each company has is its content and ability to tell their story, educate their audience with their solutions. Use content to your advantage. 

    Global changes are here. How you prepare and approach your digital transformation will most definitely positively impact your company. 

    Daryn Smith, Chief Strategy Officer, at Huble and I decided to go a little deeper than time allowed at HIDA eCommerce this year, ironically shortly before COVID hit us all. We had many questions and decided to share them in this short webinar. We welcome you to access this free webinar and above all else, please embrace the opportunities you have ahead of you. As always, we are here to help.


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