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    What Can We Do to Support During COVID-19?

    by Jan Beery on Apr 3, 2020 1:00:00 PM

    When disaster strikes, we are responsive, resilient people. My mom is 93 years young and will tell you how history comes full circle. She served this country in the Foreign Service after World War II and is very proud of that time in her life. Companies were coming together to manufacture products they had never produced before. She explains how it was a great time and a hard time, but much was learned and a lot changed for the better. 


    Here we are with a global pandemic situation and I see the world so united to help in any way we can. No job is beneath us, no task is too hard. Unlike it was then, we have quick access to a global network and solutions. 

    I’m in awe of how non-medical manufacturers have stepped up. So very proud of them! I’m also so proud of the industry I’ve been a part of for my entire career. The stories and solutions are countless. Here are a few of the many out there stepping up. Please take a few minutes to thank these great companies and send prayers their way, and if you know of any way you can help support them, please reach out and connect. 

    As for KBK, we are pleased and proud to support our industry’s desire and the necessity to support a digital opportunity/transformation to reach their customers. 

    So where to begin.

    Our friends at OnTheBench are stepping up to the challenge with resources that can help. When they reached out to us to join this initiative, we didn’t hesitate. We are happy to help and to be a part of the COVID-19 initiative #HelpingHubSpottersEverywhere program. Our service bundles are featured on their website. Just knowing we are all in this together, we will find and deliver solutions to help each other in what we all do best. We’re all in this together and here to help. 

    Stay safe, wash your hands, and God bless.

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