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    How to Prospect Website Leads

    by Jan Beery on Nov 4, 2013 7:52:41 AM

    If I only had website leads, back in the day…. There’s no telling what I could have made happen!

    Utilizing an inbound strategy is a very commonsense, yet strategic approach, to growing your business, that will bring you website leads.

    Along the path of this formula, you’ll need to Prospect those Website Leads.

    You know who they are, what they’ve looked at on your site, and what resource they’ve accessed. Now, you need to get busy before you contact them.

    Mark Roberge from HubSpot shared a lot on the subject, in a recent blog post. Below, I'll add to some of his ideas.

    STEP 1:

    Go to their website: Ask yourself the following: What can I learn about them, their leadership team, their services, product, etc?

    If you're in healthcare, you'll want to see if they're talking about: New procedures? New location? New treatment options?

    What do you know about this lead? Are they a long time employee? Do they hold a position of leadership that makes them the decision maker? Are they one of your target personas?

    Know their leadership team, research them. Are they on LinkedIn? Are they contributing to any conversations?

    STEP 2:

    Speaking of LinkedIn, use Social Media: Connect with your website lead on LinkedIn. Make sure you're active and sharing relevant information online. You may (should) be in a group together.

    Search the company on LinkedIn and see who else who can find. What are their positions? Find the people that will be decision makers and influencers.

    I prefer to connect directly with leadership so I go as high as I can. If I can’t find that leadership on LinkedIn, I google it. I also look for common connections.

    Outside of LinkedIn, what are they talking about online, and on what social networks? Facebook? Twitter? Google+?

    STEP 3:

    Contact your lead’s boss….sometimes. Why? Because your lead may be doing research on behalf of his company. This lead may have been charged with doing that research. Contact your lead's boss only if your lead is not one of your buyer personas. (example: receptionist, assistant, staff person)

    Proceed with caution and take this on a case-by-case basis. In healthcare, and in the situation of an Acute Care setting, for example, if you have a Purchasing Director doing research, don’t go to the CEO. If you have a Nurse Manager doing research, don’t go to the Administrator.

    Know your personas! If you’re following up with your website lead, and it is one of your buyer personas, you know the pain points, the needs, the solutions. Go directly to your lead.

    Stay away from the elevator speech, be authentic, educated on their organization, and helpful. You have lead intelligence to use when understanding their pain points.

    When you're following up with the lead directly, here's an example on how to approach it:

    Hi Jake, I noticed that you downloaded the ebook about 10 Steps to Delivering Exceptional Outcomes with Total Knee Replacement. That was developed from experiences at x clinic, which resulted in xyz success. Have you seen the new coding for xyz? I’m happy to share that with you, as well.

    What’s happening is, you know the pain points, because this is one of your personas, so look at those personas regularly. Keep them near by. They are a reminder of what your prospects are dealing with. You also know their pain points specifically, because you’ve researched them online.

    STEP 4:

    Follow-up with your Website Lead, again. Don’t take it personally if they weren’t responsive out of the gate.

    All good relationships come with work and trust building. All lasting relationships come with nurturing!

    Hi Jake, I was thinking about you, when I came across this info. It’s packed with a ton of information connected to all the changes in reimbursements.

    Hope your having a great Wednesday! Hey, are you going to the AORN conference?

    Each piece of information, blog, etc., you share, is building your credibility.

    This is a sincere, true way of selling. It’s helpful and it’s rewarding. Because you’re fulfilling a need and people still buy from people, it’s going to last.

    Some of my best customers were people who I helped along the way. When they moved from place to place, they continued being valued customers and good friends.

    STEP 5:

    CLOSE THE SALE. After nurturing and building the relationship and seeing that they're ready to buy, it’s time for you to meet the customer. You’ve got solutions to their problems, and you’ve built trust. You’ve provided samples, if appropriate, trials, demonstrated cost-savings, and addressed any objections. Ask for the order:

    Jake, so glad the trial went well, and we’ve gotten approval from the committee. Let’s work on getting you guys going.

    I know some of this sounds cheesy, you get the idea.

    Here are your three key takeaways:

    • Targeted information for your personas produced website leads.

    • Follow up and nurture those leads to close.

    • Continue nurturing your new customer relationship with resources and solutions.

    • Rinse and Repeat, over and over again.

    That’s the recipe for prospecting your Website Leads. What recipe do you use?

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