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    Social Media: Keep Your Eye on the Prize

    by Nicole Fassl on May 7, 2013 11:16:57 AM
    Nicole Fassl

    Social Media has become a HUGE factor in pretty much everyone’s lives. Don’t Agree? Check out these statistics. There are so many social media options out there, it can be like picking an ice cream flavor. If you aren’t using at least one of these many social media networks for’re missing out.

    Inhale: Facebook, Exhale: Twitter

    As a marketing company, we live and breathe social media. I love it. We know what’s going on, and when it’s going on. When I tell someone what I do, typically, they initially think that I play on Facebook all day. I wish! What I really do is monitor life on the web, as it relates to our clients. But what does this mean? What am I looking for? Let me tell you.

    Anyway You Want It, That’s the Way You Need It, Anyway You Want It
    What our client’s customers need...we give them. We try the best we can to put our feet in their shoes. As long as it relates to them, we find this information and go from there. What we look for is exactly what they would look for:

    • Breaking news
    • Upcoming events
    • Educational information
    • Upcoming Products
    • Competitors’ information

    Break it Down Now
    Breaking news: Pretty much speaks for itself. It’s urgent news. Any news related in any way to our clients, that is of immediate importance.

    Upcoming Events: Any events our clients may be attending, that they may want to attend, or events that we may even be able to gather news/relevant information from.

    Education Information: Educational information can be a wide variety of tips, tricks, webinars, eBooks, and blogs.

    Upcoming Products: For certain companies, they may have new or updated products coming out. They may even do promotions to get people really engaged.

    Competitor Information: Watch competitors to stay up-to-date. Obviously you don’t want to steal information from them, but you can get ideas of your own by keeping an eye on them.

    The Newly Launched HubSpot Social Inbox

    It’s never easy finding the right people. You will meet a lot of strangers (sorry Mom and Dad). Now, thanks to the marketing software geniuses over at HubSpot, our lives are about to change...forever. With the new HubSpot Social Inbox, which just launched today, there will be much less junk to go through. We can now effectively target the audiences we want and avoid the audiences we are-- for lack of a better term-- wasting our time with. We are able to focus our utmost attention on our more qualified leads, customers, and influencers (see the screenshot below, which shows a detailed conversation in Social Inbox) .

    HubSpot Social Inbox 2

    Hubspot Social Inbox allows us to be specific and personal with our clients’ customers. As HubSpot puts it, “Social Inbox makes scaleable personal attention possible”.

    image via:
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