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    What Does A Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency Do?

    by KBK Communications on Oct 14, 2019 10:00:00 AM

    shutterstock_548073523Delivering on the Digital Promise

    How Healthcare Digital Marketing Agencies Are Changing the Game

    As technology pushes us into new, exciting territories, traditional channels like newspapers, TV, and radio no longer work like they used to. This changing landscape has given rise to the digital marketing model.

    For healthcare, digital marketing is something of a savior. Until now, the industry has struggled with digital transformation for a number of reasons: legislative hurdles, resistance to change, and a lack of experience with marketing software. Thankfully, digital marketing agencies that specialize in the healthcare industry are available to help you navigate these complexities.

    The Evolution From Outbound to Inbound Marketing

    Outbound marketing: Initiates the marketing conversation through traditional channels like television commercials, radio clips, print advertisements, and the infamous cold-calling strategy.

    Inbound marketing: Attracts customers through relevant content and personalized experiences that drive leads to solutions for their current problems.

    Digital transformation acknowledges that purchasing power lies in the hands of the consumer. We’re seeing strategy shift from an interruptive (outbound) approach to one that’s less intrusive and more organic (inbound). What does this shift to customer-centricity mean for the healthcare industry? For starters, healthcare entities can now tap into a wealth of buyer information to develop foolproof strategies that get customers to come to you. 

    By employing data-driven tactics, a business can:

    • Be Bound: Relevant content, social media, and an SEO-optimized website attract quality leads to your business by removing friction points from the buyer’s journey.
    • Improve Conversions: By tracking user activity, a business can offer useful resources and nurture leads with contextual, automated emails.
    • Optimize and Analyze Strategies: Key metrics can tell you what’s working and what’s not, helping you improve your strategies with data-backed agility.

    How Marketing Teams Have Changed

    In the past, departments operated in silos. Marketing and sales often worked in opposition to one another, with data intelligence confined to a particular channel. As a consequence, marketing had little accountability for the quality of the leads they were passing through to sales, and customer acquisition suffered. 

    Thankfully, we’ve moved past knowledge-hoarding and embraced a more rounded, holistic approach. The internal marketing team of today sees managers, developers, marketing technologists, sales agents, creatives, and data scientists working towards a common goal with all of the data available to them. Now, with this information, they’re able to tailor-make a complete digital strategy to fit your needs and bring customers to your unique healthcare products.

    Find the Right Team for Your Strategic Needs

    Healthcare providers are not looking to be sold to, they’re looking for value and authenticity. Our team of specialists have over 50 years of combined experience in the healthcare industry and understand how to reach the decision-makers, build trust, and position your brand effectively. Our command of the inbound methodology will help you craft a calculated digital strategy to attract the right people, at the right time, for increased conversions.

    Make your marketing work for you by contacting us today.

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